Why It's Good to Be a PC gamer in '08: MMORPG

Every genre can find its way to the PC one way or another, whether it be fast paced action, real-time and turn-based strategy, or casual flash games. One genre that was born on the PC and found safe haven for a very long time is the MMORPG. Ever since the old and early Ultima Online years, people have transported themselves into an alternate universe where they could become whoever they want.

Along their adventures they would meet long lasting friends, explore vast landscapes and vanquish terrifying enemies, all on their PCs. Even though many of us PC gamers are already deeply involved in an MMORPG, lets take a look at the big name MMOs that are slated to come out (and have come out) this year.

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Freayr3963d ago

Actually it has always been good to be a PC gamer, 13 year Vet right here.

The Lazy One3963d ago

\I would love to try AOC, but until there's a trial I'm not risking it not running on my laptop.

Freayr3963d ago

Its a really good MMO, just some pretty major bugs, for example; the Demonologist is massively bugged, half of the skill system is messed up.

Seen as thought i want to play a Demo, i got to level 25, then decided to wait until the class is more playable.

Tyrael3963d ago

I would mention Starcraft 2, but I got a feeling we wont see that till sometime beginning 09...

xxBATTLECATxx3963d ago

never tried a mmorpg, i will soon enough but mostly pc gaming is great for me cuz of starcraft2

.....its coming this year right?

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