Any ideas for The Last of Us 2? (I'm talking to you Naughty Dog)

If There is a Sequel to "The Last of Us," What are some ideas for the sequel? and does Naughty Dog have enough gumption to really try?

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mafiahajeri1543d ago

I want to be part of a elite firefly team who's soul purpose is to find Ellie and Joel, yes let us play the bad guys for once! Actually some may say their the good guys...

Cross country pursuit of them would be interesting, maybe give Ellie and Joel a group they could belong to aswell.

scark921541d ago

Interesting Plot! I would think playing as a Bandit in a different area telling a new story would be really interesting!
If there is one thing that The Last of Us IP should bring to gamers, is Human Reality.

XBLSkull1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Think the game should just stand on its own as a great game without a sequel. Wish BioShock and Dead Space would have both been like that too. Not every game needs to spawn a franchise.

CoD is the extreme example but having 3 studios work on a franchise to put out a annual game is just wrong. One studio putting out a great game every 3 years is plenty.

mikeslemonade1541d ago

With the loose knots at the end of the first one, with the sales, and with the reception, the game will have a sequel.

randomass1711542d ago

I think it should take place in another place with new characters in roughly the same time frame as TLOU took place. Ellie and Joel had their story's beginning middle and end and I feel like it would be difficult to top that with a direct sequel. Maybe some references or cameo appearances, but Ellie and Joel should not come back as main protagonists IMO.

Hellsvacancy1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Ellie holds the cure so I doubt it'll be the end of her story, the Fireflies (whoever is left) will still go after her for that reason

scark921541d ago

I agree, this world can have a large number of stories to be told, going back to the same characters is not in my best or worst interest, but preferably would like a new and different experience!

Zenith4k1542d ago

Don't care what other people want ( no offence to any of ye) but any follow up to the last of us in my book will be most welcomed. This game made me buy my ps4 having come from 360, very excited to see part 2.

AgentSmithPS41542d ago

Me too. But I hope they hire someone great for the AI and prevent friendlies from blocking your retreat with their 'giant invisible forcefield/hitbox' and ending your perfect run on the hardest difficulty after minutes of trouble through no fault of your own :(. I can't remember anything else to complain about since everything else was great, but this would take it to the next level.

I get that they'd probably have to lower AI for modes like easy and normal but I'd like a real challenge.

badboyz091541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Too many possibilities....

1.start where they left off and go back to joel's brothers. More infected etc...

2.Prequel~~~~~~~~~~ Lets see Joel in his 20 years of survival.

Summons751541d ago

Prequels never turn out good. Tess was an awful character shoehorned in while Ellie wasn't there, I was pretty happy she died.

kneon1541d ago

I was thinking prequel as well. Tommy was in the fireflies, they could cover that and what went down between him and Joel to push them apart. We could play as Tommy this time with Joel being a minor character.

angelsx1541d ago

The Last of Us 2 open world please.

ThanatosDMC1541d ago

Well, I would rather have them make a spin off wi the h open world survival with the same mechanics. TLOU2 needs to stay on Ellie's storyline though.

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