Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Has Shipped Over 11 Million Copies

CraveOnline: "Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, which includes Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, have accumulated over 11 million shipped to retailers. This figure puts it up next to the best-selling that Square/Square Enix has ever had to offer, including Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, except that it’s across three games, of course."

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-Foxtrot1495d ago

Doesn't make it any less bad

JonnyBigBoss1495d ago

Sales = quality, though.

Justin Bieber is the greatest of all time IMO.


vishmarx1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

who cares,
ff 15 is real now,
i dont wanna be reminded of this abomination
xv demo will be better than all of the trilogy

Godmars2901495d ago

"who cares"

We should care especially if Square touting these numbers themselves. It means they didn't listen to or regard complaints about the FF13(s), which then gives no guarantee of FF15's quality.

mikeslemonade1495d ago

This why multiplat sucks for gamers. FF can spend more time making a average game and then sell way more than one version. This doesn't directly benefit gamers or at all.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1495d ago

Too bad it sucked balls. Worst era of Final Fantasy ever, if it weren't for that new trailer of FFXV, I would say this trilogy all but killed the Final Fantasy franchise.

knifefight1495d ago

Yeah I love when people come in with that, haha.

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Eonjay1495d ago

I enjoyed the series.

DevilOgreFish1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

the series wasn't too bad, the first game was pretty linear though i'll have to admit. Now that it's coming to Steam at 75% off and in crisp 1080p 60 fps fidelity; it will be more enjoyable.

I'm also picking it up if it means future games from them will come to steam as well.

SoapShoes1495d ago

This game has made me favor the Tales and Persona series. Final Fantasy used to be the go-to jrpg but not anymore. I'll give XV the benefit of the doubt though.

Magicite1495d ago

It was one of worst Final Fantasy games, yet one of best JRPG games of last gen.

user65409481495d ago

Considering that the trilogy was on ps3 and 360, with there being 140 Million users between them, and the popularity of the FF name...I would have to say that 11 million is quite disappointing.

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LightDiego1495d ago

The worst Final Fantasy ever, according to a lot of gamers.

Paprika1495d ago

The worst ever assuming all others are 9-10/10 games, ff13 being a solid 8/10....

Ever played crystal chronicles? Mystic quest? Dirge of Cerberus? The latter is a final fantasy game btw... what you said might get more agrees than myself. But its simply not true!

Godmars2901495d ago

Fifty hours in, gave up. Died once on account lead character being attack when they were at 70% health and stopped because I finally realized that I was only going through the motion. Not invested in the story at all.

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izumo_lee1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Sure at first glance that sounds impressive but look deeper & it really isn't. The bulk of those numbers came from the hype created for the first game. The sequels did extremely poor in comparison.

If you compare to past Final Fantasy games FF7 (9.8mil) by itself almost sold as much as the FF13 series combined.

Not trashing the series at all. I've said it many times on this site that the FF13 series are good games. However when you have the name 'Final Fantasy' in the title expectations of these games are huge & for me FF13 didn't deliver a good Final Fantasy experience.

KOIMOJO1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I bought the first two from the trilogy and I have to say, even though I only got about half way through the first one before getting bored and quitting there is a lot of good things about those games.

I think Square just needs to tweak the formula a bit. I love the presentation and feel of the world and characters they create. I'll even let the story pass. That gameplay was a nightmare for me though. Later in the first of the three some encounters took FOREVER and they took away any possibility of grinding out of the game. There is no good way to be over leveled or under leveled in that game. The last bit that I hated was the linearity...

With these things fixed though(which they seem to be in FFXV) I think the FF franchise will be quite a high standard in the rpg market :P

Kurisu1495d ago

I also bought the first two and didn't bother with Lightning Returns. XIII was a good game, the story is not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be IMO and I liked the paradigm shift battle system.

What let FFXIII down was the lack of freedom. That was fixed in FFXIII-2, but from the beginning you just KNEW the story was going to be dodgy. "WHERE DID THESE CLOTHES COME FROM?" Paradox this, paradox that. Bleh. Not all the story was bad though and I still enjoyed the game for what it was. That ending was the last straw, though, so I wasn't going to support Square Enix after that as far as XIII was concerned.


KOIMOJO1495d ago

Totally with you on the last part! Bring it on :D

Gore-Content1495d ago

Good for Square Enix. I hope they put those money into good use and make better games in the future.

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