News Flash: PS4 and Xbox One are Out of Date, Do We Care?

Lately, media have been publishing stories saying the new IPhone 6 has about the same specs in it as the new generation systems, PC gamers have been saying the consoles were outdated since before the specs were released, and yet, console gamers are still having immense fun playing all these new games. So, do the console gamers care that “experts” say our consoles are already out of date? My guess is a lot of you are saying “Nope.” .

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DEEBO1518d ago

Yeah and i just seen MGS5 gameplay at TGS,BB demoed at TGS,silent hills new trailer,played the forza demo,shadow mordor comes out September 30,witcher 3 in 2015,drvie club in oct,nba 2k15 in oct,sunset overdrive in oct,alien in oct,halo in nov.

News FLash: consoles rulez!Suck it nerds!

starchild1517d ago

Just want to say that even though I am a PC gamer I also own consoles and I have never said that crap about consoles being out of date. Yes, they are technically weaker than what is available in gaming PCs, but that doesn't mean that new games aren't being made for them and that those games won't look and play fantastic. The whole out of date thing doesn't really make sense or even come into play.

Artista 1517d ago

Out of date...yet, about a decade of games support.

jrshankill1517d ago ShowReplies(2)
Majin-vegeta1517d ago

Out of date?Yes just like your car,watch,phone etc...

Do I care??Hellz no

lol a PC from today wont be able to play a game 3 years from now without making sacrifices somewhere.

LackTrue4K1517d ago

Loll...them dam hippsters!!

starchild1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

See, you guys saying nonsense like this is why PC gamers feel the need to comment in many cases. What you said is blatantly NOT true.

If you have a powerful PC today it will continue to play games throughout the rest of the generation. It won't suddenly start performing worse than the consoles.

What does happen is that PC starts pulling further and further ahead and certain games get released on PC that push new levels of graphics that aren't even possible on the consoles. So of course you aren't going to be able to max out THOSE games. But as far as just playing the same games as the consoles at better than console quality, that won't change the whole generation.

ComBaTs0uL1517d ago

Theres no way the iphone 6 is as powerful as the x1 or ps4. What a load of rubbish..

XxNxWxOxX1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Nobody said that in the article. Actually it states a couple of paragraphs down how the "PS4 is in the multibles times more powerful than the Iphone 6."

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