Nintendo is for Everyone

The Wii U is floundering and clearly hasn’t been as successful as Nintendo expected. The same could have been said about the 3DS when it was released and it has flourished into being one of the biggest selling consoles on the market. They have yet to pull out their big guns like a Zelda or Metroid game but at the moment the Wii U’s fate looks a bit dicey.

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Chrischi19881492d ago

We know, tell it the the stubborn fanboys, who think they are so mature because they hate in them. There is only one kind of person, that has to act and tell everyone how mature they are, the ones who deep inside of them know, they are still pretty immature. Mature ones have no need to tell anyone, that they are or not and whatsoever :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

The ones disagreeing with you are quite likely to be exactly the kind of person you're referring to, funny enough...
Things would be so much more awesome if people like that would give games a chance regardless of how "mature" they seem.

There's a huge amount of games out there that don't have an M stamped on their box that mature, adult gamers enjoy, because they are high quality games that are just that much fun to play.

"There's nothing wrong with having a little fun."
- Reggie.

mcstorm1491d ago

For me so far this gen Nintendo have the better games in terms of quality. I have found alot of games have been over hyped and under delivered for both the Xbox one and PS4 yet none of the next gen Nintendo games have. DK, Mario 3D world, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Wonderful101, Windwaker and more have all been amazing and very enjoyable games and not over hyped yet on the other side I felt let down by BF4, KZSF, Watch Dog, TitanFall Destiny among others. It looks like Horizon 2 will be the 1st next gen game to deliver on what the developers have promised and then Halo and DC.

The issue Nintendo do have though is the lack of games that pull millions of fans in every year like FIFA, NHL, BF NFS etc and because of this people will look to buy an Xbox one or PS4.

For me the best combo is a wiiu and a Xbox one or PS4 as you then get the best of all world.

for me the wiiu is a underrated console and deserves to have good sales by the end of the gen. I do think by the end of the gen though all 3 consoles will have good numbers even though I do see the PS4 selling the most.

Chrischi19881491d ago

Maybe at some point, when Nintendo releases the next Zelda and has a full library with Mario Kart, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Mario 3D World, Smash Bros, Bayonetta and maybe Metroid, people will start to see the actual value of the console. I dont want to hate on the others, but all of these overhyped next gen games just showed, that there is no such thing that next game, nothing to blow you away, to change gaming forever for the better. Good games, true, but not mind blowing, as many fanboys try to act like their console delivers. Destiny is the best example of this. How many times came a fanboy, bashed the Wii U and said, you wont get Destiny, now I think, so what^^ Not that it is a bad game, but where is this new era of gaming? All of these new games, next gen games, run on the hype train, make promises to be something, that noone can actually deliver because it doesnt exist.

Give a game an epic name, make it for PS4, advertise the hell out of it, show nothing about the game itself, other than that epic name and all the fanboys will go nuts over that game, before having seen anything of it^^

But whatever, everyone should have fun with their console of choice, I have no fun bashing other consoles, fun is fun, fun is not any lesser because you got it from a Wii U.

It is like movies, like if you are 14 years old, you can only enjoy movies for 18 year olds. Like there cant be a good movie, that anyone can watch.

Sorry for this long text, but I had to say it.

Angeljuice1491d ago

"Nintendo is for everyone".......


wonderfulmonkeyman1491d ago

Yes, it is.
They have games on their systems that cater to every age group out there.
Don't kid yourself.

Angeljuice1491d ago

I have no interest in Nintendo whatsoever and I believe that I make up a small part of "everyone".

wonderfulmonkeyman1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Well, welcome to that minority, Angel.
Because you're taking the term out of context for the convenience of your statement.
By "Everyone", they mean "Every age group".
Obviously there's going to be some people in each age group that outright hate Nintendo, like you, and they don't count towards the "everyone" Nintendo is aiming for.

g4n1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Since many thought the ps4 and xbone would BLOW away the wii U in no time.... The ps4 was successful, but still more wii u's out there than xbones. Why no negative press on dat xbone???!

our_games_are_art1491d ago

I always buy a nintendo console.
Not as my primary but as a much loved much used secondary.
I skipped wii last gen but since ninty kept it real with backwards compatibility I'll be dumpster diving bargain titles in between Wii U exclusives!. Now is an excellent time to buy a Wii u!

ChickeyCantor1491d ago

I never really understood the "secondary" mentality. Aren't we just here to play games?

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