The PS Vita Has No Games?

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"It’s a phrase that is heard so much and mainly by those who just plain think they won’t like a Vita. I can kind of see where people are coming from in that there may not be as much attention or what we could consider AAA games being announced but you only have to scratch under the surface to see how much is actually coming to the Vita, not only that, but many of the games that can be played across the PS4 and Vita actually work better for the handheld"

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GribbleGrunger1493d ago

How about including the question mark in the title? That's how the site presents it so why the change here?

user55757081492d ago

i disagree with the article title. i own one contrary to popular belief there are games available for the console

ThinkBadMonkey1493d ago

I don't think you are allowed ? in the title

Enmson1493d ago

Yet the pending news below your submission has a question mark lol

ThinkBadMonkey1492d ago

Fair play, I have submitted articles before with a ? in the title and it was reported.

vork771493d ago

so what am i playing my vita i have games on it do they not exist O.o

Ult iMate1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I'm playing my Vita every day since launch. Much more, than I did on PSP (wich was mostly for watching anime more than half of the time). But you have to admit that Vita is mostly for those portable gamers, who like good indie and japanese games. Big western-style games, like Borderlands, are some kind of exeptions if you compare it to the amount of JRPGs or indie titles.
I'm OK with that, so I have tons of games for my Vita. Big and small. I even have games that I bouhgt on release, but they are still waiting in line (I didn't even play my cartridge with the first Danganronpa and the second is out already).

Scatpants1492d ago

I'm playing through Danganronpa right now. It's pretty great. I'm going to pick up part 2 when I'm done. I love my Vita I have been getting tons of games for it lately with 3DS I might get a game every 6 months. If anything I'd say the 3DS has no games.

TongkatAli1492d ago

I'm so close to the Platinum for Danganronpa, been taking the Vita with me to work, lol.

nfl1492d ago

The remote play seems to be the biggest feature at moment. However i seem to enjoy killzone mercenary just as much as other console shooters. Whether its because of less players. It just feels more balanced. I enjoy that alot.

captainexplosion1492d ago

I love my Vita. Rayman Legends, Ratchet and Clank Collection, LBP Vita, and Rayman Origins have all been great. And Plus gives me a constant stream of new games for free. But this week as a Vita fan has been disappointing. Microsoft purchasing Minecraft will hurt the sales of the Vita version and Murasaki Baby reviews have been disappointing.

Scatpants1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I bought Murasaki Baby and I think I hate it. Natural Doctrine is coming in like a week, that looks pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.