Retail Hallucinations And The Pointlessness Of Owning A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

Michael Thomsen gave it back. He could have afforded it, but only just barely and it would have hurt. So after a little less than a month with a PlayStation 4 he returned it to its chemical-scented packaging and got his money back.

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fonger081517d ago

All though this article comes off a little preachy, I do agree with it's premise. I first and fore most am a video game lover, when any new system comes out, my desire to own it is sometimes overwhelming even through the clearest of conscience. To me, there is nothing like opening up a new console box, pulling the hardware from it's plastic sleeve, and watching it boot up for the very first time. This "new" generation has been the most lackluster in terms of substance, I've experienced thus far in my 25+ years of gaming. There are plenty of indie and AAA titles that have me really excited to hopefully spend hours upon hours on these new machines, but as each "over-hyped" "over-exposed" and "over-promised" game releases; TitanFall, Ryse, Killzone, Infamous, Watchdogs, and now Destiny, my anticipation levels have gone from excited->to hopefully->to cautiously optimistic. Those games I have just listed are fun, some really fun and actually good games, however, there is zero reason why these games couldn't have been on the 360 or PS3 minus a new coat of paint and have been just as fun. There hasn't been a huge leap in graphic quality, AI is definitely not more intelligent, or plainly there isn't a new true "next-gen" experience. I just wish... I had waited.

BiggerBoss1516d ago

What console generation launch do you know of that had a better line up of games? Launch lineups are typically lackluster. Although I 100% agree that the overhyping needs to stop.

darthv721516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Dreamcast (6th), the original playstation (5th), oh and the sega genesis (4th) all have launch games that still to this day stand the test of time.

That isnt to say that the others had crappy launch games but their efforts after launch are more heralded than their initial offerings.

and go figure the 3 i mentioned are all celebrating certain milestones in their existance this year. Genesis (25 years), Playstation (20 years) and Dreamcast (15 years).

XBLSkull1516d ago

His opinion is why I didn't think Destiny was really going to move a whole lot of new consoles. Sure the game looks better but it is fundamentally the same, no need to buy a new machine for it.

Doesn't sound like he's used an Xbox One though. I am a pretty big gamer for the most part (Got about 15 games for my X1 already and 2 for my PS4 and probably a small handful of PC games, which is a typical year for me roughly 20 retail games). So I do play a lot of games but guess what, I use my PC/X1 more for other uses than the hours I use them for gaming. (My PS4 however is only used for games, at least until the media functionality shows back up). I make a good living for myself so I don't have any problems buying new hardware so I'm not tasked with paying rent or buying an "expensive" new console, and to me the Xbox One has easily been worth it's price for it's hours of entertainment I get from it. I'm just recently payed off my $2000 gaming rig I built back in April, and though gaming wise I haven't got my moneys worth yet, I have in the amount it gets used for. Only purchase I haven't justified yet is my PS4 with only 2 games and maybe 20 hours of play under my belt since I got it in February, but 2015 should be a good year for the system, and games like Bloodbourne, H-Hour, Silent Hills are the reason I bought the console in the first place which aren't even out yet. I obviously should have waited because by the time those release there will be a bundle/bigger harddrive/price drop I could have benefited from, but whatever, I'm impatient and tying up $400 in that console certainly didn't effect my quality of life. Actually now that I think about it I paid for my PS4 by taking in a literal garbage bag full of X360 games (like 50-60) I knew I was never going to play again and it payed for my PS4 and then some.

DLConspiracy1515d ago

The Dreamcast launched with about 19 games. Most of which were exclusive. Not bad considering how long ago that was.

Baka-akaB1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Well sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that's needed , at least at first when you are actually given development a chance .

We may not necessarily want the same level of perfs as pcs than on console , but it's still always nicer to have better graphics and better framerate for your games .

People can keep claiming it's not enough and want direct innovations and change right now from the newfound power of those machines , but once you've mad the jump , you're unlikely to say that yes , if given the choice you'd go back to ac4 , watchdogs ,or destiny on ps3 and 360 instead . And of course they are quick to dismiss actual changes like livestreaming , sharing video and other features as irrelevant

We heard the same rethoric at the start of the previous gen too , with people even questioning the benefits of hd (well at least pretend hd) on ps3 or 360 . "Nothing has changed " "they could have done the game on ps2 the jump isnt that noticeable" etc etc , from people in a hurry .

Anyway i can't sympathise with a ps4 or xb1 early owner . Everything was layed out to know what's coming first , what's delayed and wich franchise you might get in some vague future . If someone made the jump without having anything up to their fancy , even accounting a few duds and disappointment , it's on their heads .


The dreamcast mostly cult titles at release . But yeah it's a exception and wasnt seen before

spacedelete1516d ago

people whine and cry that games focus on graphics rather than gameplay then when the next gen consoles released people whined and cry that graphics aren't good enough. people will never be happy.

Clunkyd1516d ago

umm since when are console gamers complaining about graphics aren't good enough? lol

jambola1515d ago

O maybe, just maybe the people complaining about game focusing on graphics are different people than the ones complaining about graphics aren't good enough.

3-4-51516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

O wow....FORBES, is going to "tell us what's, what" again. "

* Of course Greasy,slimey,sleazy,shyster, lying corporate, douche thinks games are pointless.

Playing games takes valuable time away from screwing over the average American citizen.

* TRASH like this is trying to INFILTRATE the gaming community and industry.

Don't give in.

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EinRobot1516d ago

There are many features out or coming out for the current gen consoles (live streaming,share play, etc.) that were not available last gen. A new console never achieves its stride in the first year anyway. Revisit this in a few years and this article will look short sighted.

Grindlefly1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Hmmm I disagree. While the article raises interesting points the crux of it seems to be that destiny looks fairly similar to the last gen version.

For me this gen hasn't been so much about the graphics as it is about the speed of the os, share functionality, the ability to purchase a game off the store on my phone and have it ready when I get home, preloading, lightning quick installs etc

The fact that graphically destiny they feel is lacking, says more about game development at the moment, not the machines that have been made.

Publishers are too worried to branch out so stick with the tried and tested fps which still sell in droves, and anyone who dares to do something different seems to face the fanboy internet backlash.

Interesting read all the same

Gore-Content1516d ago

Ahh, my favorite **sholes are back.

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