5 Games That Will Blow Minds in 2015, 5 Games That Will Just Blow

You don’t know what a great game is unless you have a crappy game to compare it to. We take a look at some games that look like they’ll stun gamers in 2015 as well as a few of their compatriots that might fall victim to over hype and poor design.

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Fizzler1491d ago ShowReplies(4)

He's spot on with every game except the division....I hope.

Brim1491d ago

idk about you but QB gives me more hope then 1888 but we will def see because no one really knows

Gunstar751491d ago

Bit of an odd list. Totally agree on QB vs The Order. I know where I'd place my bet!

turdburgler10801490d ago

They're Canadian. Nobody takes them seriously anyways.

AngelicIceDiamond1491d ago

The Division could end up just like Destiny. Big open world, loads of exploration, MMO like etc.

I'm still looking forward to the Division but Im not hyping it.

Quantum Break on the "just blow" list seems inaccurate considering the game early previews seem to impress. Even Wii U's Maro maker looks like fun.

EvilWay1491d ago

The Division will actually be open world unlike Destiny, I hope. Destiny was just a repetitive mess, Destiny also has no reason for exploration

LCEvans1491d ago

Quantum Break and The division look great from the previews! guy hasn't got a clue! Also Bloodborne should be on there too! Souls series was amazing!

Hellsvacancy1491d ago

I'd swap Evolve with Bloodborne

OpieWinston1491d ago

You stoned....

They're dead wrong with a lot of those games.

I'm really pumped for Arkham Knight but I don't expect it to blow me away aside from Batmobile combat. (Which won't be groundbreaking)

The Order reveal had me super pumped but now they've gone back on most things that trailer had hinted at in favor of a pretty looking cover shooter.
I'm not smashing on The Order but just disappointed they didn't make it more of a Monster game.

Did you read this guys reasons for not being pumped for Quantum Break?
"A live action TV show is planned to accompany the game – because that’s been super successful in the past, right? Gameplay is mostly unknown quantity at this time, but I’d be hesitant to preorder this one."

Is this guy stoned? Your previous example is Defiance which was a detached experience because the Live action series and Developer didn't have hands on with both projects.
The show took off...The game didn't.
Sam Lake Wrote/Directed BOTH the series and game.
He clearly hasn't done any research on the game and choose to ignore that the game is more than what the ONLY demo had shown.

God this site makes me embarrassed to call myself Canadian, most of their posts are just P.O.S.

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d4v03331491d ago

I seriously have high hopes for The Division and it is looking very nice it should not be on the blow list for sure

AlphaCentyros1491d ago

How can you be so sure? It wouldn't be the first Ubisoft game to look very nice with people having high hopes for it... only to be very disappointing.

WeAreLegion1491d ago

He has Quantum Break as a "Blow". It's a Remedy game. It's going to be amazing. I don't think he's very well informed about it.

Mario Maker won't suck. It's not like it's releasing as a full $60 title. It's just a fun little game to play around with.

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The story is too old to be commented.