PS4 Exclusive Without Memory’s New Screenshots Show Massively Improved Graphics, Protagonist’s Body

Russian developer Dinosaurum Games promised a while ago to post some actual screenshots of its upcoming PS4 exclusive Without Memory, and today they delivered, in more than one way.

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rarity1586d ago ShowReplies(7)
Omran1586d ago

can't wait for the trailer

this screens looks detailed specially this one OMG :

XB1_PS41585d ago

I was convinced that the picture you linked was going to be the booby one.

chrissx1586d ago

I've been impressed with the little news I've seen abt this game. 1 to keep tabs on

ABizzel11586d ago

The environment looks good, the character model seems like it's a bit out of place (quality wise in comparison to the woods) in those clips. I'll need to see it all in-game first.

lawgone1586d ago

I was thinking the same. The woods look great; especially the tire tracks in the mud. But the female character looks very so-so. Funny how they chose to show boobs and butt lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.