Weekly Question #20: Single-player or Multiplayer?

8BitChimp says, "Gaming is essentially split between single-player games and multiplayer games. Which does our staff prefer? Let us find out!"

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Codewow1516d ago

It depends for me really. I'm a big fan of single player campaigns like BioShock: Infinite, but once I finish it, I tend to not go back to the game for a long time, or until worthy DLC shows up. Games like Halo 3, with co-op and multiplayer to come back to, really extends the game's lifespan for me.

I replayed the Halo 3 campaign a couple times a week with different skulls on with friends just because it was fun to challenge ourselves while also running around trying to be the bad-asses we weren't.

Noahmtodd1516d ago

Yeah, that's what I tend to do as well with single-player games.