Moon: Exclusive Screens and Developer Interview

With nothing on the radar for several months, GamesRadar were a bit concerned about the state of DS of gaming. Sure there are lots of casual thingies popping out over the summer but, other than Final Fantasy sequels, what's a DS gamer to do past August? Well, GamesRadar's money's on Moon, the follow-up FPS to last year's impressive Dementium. Will it be a success? No telling just yet, but developer Renegade Kid has proven its technical ability so they are leaning towards the "probably" side.

GamesRadar recently had an email chat with Renegade Kid owner/creative director Jools Watsham about Moon, DS development and what might be next for the boundary-pushing team.

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PS360WII3776d ago

Awesome this game is looking great. SciFi shooters are always fun. I don't agree with gamesrader on the DS releases though... I don't think they looked at it before they made this article :(

Perch3776d ago

I loooved Dementium, so I've high hopes

PS360WII3776d ago

Yeah for sure! Dementium was a cool one and it looks like these guys want to make this one even better which is great

G1TR4P3D3776d ago

Dementium was garbage, but this might be cool.

PS360WII3776d ago

Dementium wasn't all that bad but yes indeed this looks cool so far ^^