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Destiny, Bungie's latest release's potential is so obvious that it's actually painful to say that in many regards it fails to meet it. Nikki of Gamer Assault Weekly dives into Destiny.

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VRex71586d ago

It's interesting to see Destiny getting low scored, the way I look at it is with Bungie giving it a 9-10year life span Destiny lays a decent ground to grow on. It's not amazing, but there's no doubt that it's a solid game with fun gameplay.

Neonridr1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

so 7.5-8 is a good game with a solid foundation. But it's not a great game. Lots needs to be improved once you finish the story. Not a lot of content at this point for higher end stuff. Obviously that will change as time progresses, but reviews have to be done when a game releases, not after like a year worth of content added to it.

Monstar1586d ago

The game should already have it all from the beginning..not having to rely on future updates to be good. 10 year life span doesn't excuse for missing content and unsatisfying story at release.

nick47611586d ago

There is definitely a solid foundation to the game, but I feel like there was a missed story telling opportunity. It is clear through the grimoire cards that there is a rich story to tell about Destiny, but for some reason Bungie decided to leave it out of the actual game.

The leveling content, in my opinion, gets very repetitive, but the PVP and end game content is pretty satisfying thus far.

ShowGun9011586d ago

agreed! im having lots of fun with it, and so is pretty much my entire friends list... just got 2 legendary items this weekend! woot!

cant wait for the first expansion in December!

also, being a huge Souls fan, i LOVE this type of storytelling! instead of being spoon-fed an hour long cinema, theres still tons of mystery about the world... for example somebody on the forums was talking about how if you sneak up on a fallen, he'll turn around suprised and say "the darkness is here!" whats up with that!? are we the bad guys, is the traveler some sort of weapon they're trying to destroy? i don't know yet, but its interesting. also, your ghost seems more interested in where the other ghost is (on the first moon mission), than the dead gaurdian. one theory i read talks about how perhaps we're not the main protagonists, but simply "gaurdians" for the ghosts, revived simply to keep them safe... it never says your a guardian of the city. maybe thats why they don't seem too bothered leaving you out of the loop, the ghost knows what to do, just "shut up and follow orders, bodygaurd". also, why do gaurdians need to be revived from the dead anyway? is it something that happened to them in their first life that makes them special? again, no answer... yet.

lots of questions, and i like not getting them answered all in chapter 1... but then again im not most people LOL! i think it will be pretty cool if by destiny 3, at the end, the last mysteries are solved.

thisishxc1586d ago

A 7.5 is by no means a terrible score. Destiny fits perfectly with that number. It's a solid game mechanically, and the foundation is there but it wasn't explored as well as it should and could of been.

I trust that Bungie will be able to expand on it over the years, whether it be from new game entries or expansions..but the possibility of them doing that doesn't change that they could of done more now.

Destiny has a promising future, especially since the foundation is so strong. I just hope it doesn't remain in the limbo of unrealized potential.

zero_syndicate1584d ago

I don't think Destiny really deserves a score right now. As it is an MMO its going to take time to grow. Plus there is plenty of story in the game if you actually take the time to look for it in the game. Theres a lot of reading between the lines and hypothesizing the story, but there are a lot of suspicious things going on in the game that they purposely don't let on to.

For instance The Speaker is the ONLY person that remembers the golden age clearly from the way he refers to it. Not only that but on one mission he takes over EVERY comm channel to request that guardians investigate how The Hive is able to control a piece of the Traveler and then mutters under his breath to destroy it. Plus reading the grimoire is extremely important. There is fluff but theres also important things to note in terms of the cards of alien species.

Also the PvP is all skill based so even with minimal abilities a level 5 player can find success in multiplayer. it takes getting used to, but currently the starting auto-rifle from what I've heard is one of the top tier guns according to the Destiny Guide for PvP. Sure no super abilities, but I find myself not using supers in some matches and simply run and gun.

theres too much to come to really properly score in my opinion. But there is plenty in the game now that can satisfy those that are willing to take the time to look and explore. The environments let on a story all their own too, so keep an eye out for quite literally EVERYTHING.