FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Patch 2.4 Officially Announced, Surpassed 2.5 Million Subscribers

Square Enix today confirmed the name of the forthcoming PATCH 2.4 for the popular FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn online game.

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stragomccloud1543d ago

That's really nice to hear! I'm really enjoying the community~

Magicite1543d ago

Soon it will become nr1 MMORPG after wow in sub numbers.

Slade231543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

wow congrats S.E, Yoshi and FFXIV dev crew. wow I'm happy to hear that, Can't wait to get back on for 2.4.

Dirtnose1543d ago

Fully deserved sub numbers. It's so great to see that game doing so well. It really is a fantastic game.

Paprika1542d ago

Best mmorpg I've ever played. Fantastic game, great support from the dev and epic community. Future 10 year franchise in a realm reborn... forget destiny lol

Paprika1542d ago

And might I add, I'd happily play for the next 10 years lol. The only downside is loving it so much, you miss other games being released. I missed GTA V for over a month back when it released, if not for xiv it'd have been a day one! And even more ironic.... I played on ps3 and literally bought a ps4 for the upgrade!

rhap1542d ago

Too bad it's a carebear style MMO. It's the first MMO I see a patch of 500mb, 1500 lines of changes and nothing really important happens when you login. The game is all about being cute, having a house and shit like that, not to mention the gameplay is very predictable, skill rotation always the same and everyone is got the same gears, very same gears. Not to mention the COIL OF BAHAMUT RAID, which is just another normal and easy dungeon, but you can just finish it once a week and creates the false impression that it's "hard", "refined", "for elite", etc. ALl that matters is to have enough accuracy, the rest doesn't matter. Another bad point is how the game love to add time sink features where you need to repeat boring content 9083570289 times to be in par with the weekly or daily caps.

Basically, the game is all about being kawaii desu. Once you finish coil and the primals, you notice the game has nothing left for you. I'm one of the players who were getting on once a week for the past 3 monthes just to finish T6-T9 and leave, and that's roughly 1 hour of gameplay a week. Decided to close my subscription, the game lacks in fun. It's a chore.

belac091542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

that is the most untrue dribble i have ever read. how far did u get? they add stuff all the time, you suck.

rhap1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I've been doing T6-T9 for the past 3 months and I got my ilvl115 weapon since june. The biggest issue in the game is about having or not having a house. Every patch is filled with casual stuff. Like I said, the game is awesome for the majority of players which are new to MMOs, bad or kawaii desu players, since it's all about being cute and repeating easy content.

What a great MMO!!!

belac091540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

i guess you are entitled to your opinion... i guess. just dont play it. Within another year there will be so much content, you will poop yourself.

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