How Nintendo Should Go About Reinventing Starfox

A sad, but ultimately true proclamation, McCloud and the rest of his furry gang have seen a terrible decline over the last few years. They started off fantastic with the SNES and N64 games, but then as soon as the Gamecube Generation hit the franchise tumbled. And, much like Sonic, every attempt to gain more ground seems to have sent the series deeper and deeper into the dirt.

To reinvent Starfox it would be smart to analyze just why the previous few games have failed, and get an idea of how to correct the problems that have been plaguing the Lylat System.

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SKUD3869d ago

Don't forget Luigi!.

kewlkat0073869d ago

come on besides the Wii-Mote nothing have changed in these Wii game compared to the Gamecube versions.

ianp6223869d ago

Nintendo isn't big into reinventing things.

TheColbertinator3869d ago

I remember how good the starfox 64 was.Non-linear levels and amazing bosses and enemy variety proved the game was ahead of its time.

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