Destiny's Legendary Engram is the biggest troll

GameZone: "Remember a few months back when I wrote about Sunset Overdrive's mascot Fizzie, and how he was the internet's biggest jerk? Well, he may have some competition -- Destiny's Legendary Engram."

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nX1495d ago

Isn't it linked to the Cryptarch level? If I'm not mistaken a level 10 Cryptarch has a higher chance of giving you legendaries as a level 1 Cryptarch. The Twitter account is gold though :D

Phene1494d ago

lmao yeh that had me laughing on. I got one of those and I was so ecstatic ..only to be disappointed.

Aceman181494d ago

Out of the 4-5 I've gotten I've only gotten a legendary handgun. The rest usually turned into green uncommon gear :(

This game trolls me something bad hahaha

HugoDrax1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I only have...

-Legendary Machine Gun: (The Swarm)
-Legendary Emblem (The Inner Circle)
-Legendary Ghost: Red Ghost (Frontier Shell)
-Legendary Ship: (Valkyrie-O5X)
-Legendary Shader: (Oracle 99)

Currently a level 24, I still haven't gotten a EXOTIC weapon or armor.

slate911494d ago


Only?? Lol I'm level 24 Titan and have not gotten one legendary item...what am I doing wrong haha

Aceman181494d ago

@Hugo, slate

After I got handgun the game decided to give me legendary for


Then I got legendary

Pulse Rifle
Sniper rifle

LordMaim1494d ago

The Cryptarch twitter feed also has some gold:

How was my night you ask? Well I was up all night decrypting your mother, turns out she was common.

Neonridr1494d ago

whoever is running that thing is a genius. It's hilarious.

dumahim1494d ago

Well, I'm now level 12 Cryptarch (or maybe 11 coming up on 12) and I've turned in about 18-20 purple engrams and have only gotten 2 legendary items. One being last night and it was a Titan helm. I'm a Hunter. (><)

Neonridr1494d ago

lol, join the club. Warlock here with a really nice Titan helm too.

nX1494d ago

Oh please, I've bought an exotic engramm for 23 Motes Of Light and got an exotic breastplate for another class -.-

3-4-51494d ago

Been level 20 for about 5 days now.

I keep getting tons of Blue Engrams that only lead to Rare/Blue gear that is slightly worse than what I already have.

* I AM about 2-3 Crucible matches away from getting a pretty sweet PvP helmet from the guy with one horn though.

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Neonridr1495d ago

I have gotten 4 legendary engrams in my playtime, 2 ended up being decoded to blue rare items. 1 was a legendary chest piece which my level 24 warlock uses currently and one was a legendary helmet which was restricted to a Titan (which was no use to me at all). The fact that it's hard enough to get a Legendary engram to drop period but now I have to factor in the chance that it might not be for the class I am using is ridiculous. Great that *if* I decide to do another character I have a nice helmet for a Titan down the road, but at least make the drops related to the character I am using.

I have heard rumours that once your character is above level 24, the Cryptarch has a better chance of giving you Legendaries, others have said that if the Cryptarch is a higher level you have a better chance. Who knows if any of that is accurate or not. But acquiring a Legendary can be a painstaking process.

Shadonic1495d ago

If you think about it thats what makes them all the more appealing to get, its like if everyone got them then the draw of them wouldn't be that big of a deal. Its like playing the lottory, you could win 2000 bucks like my grandmother did randomly or not win a cent at all.

Neonridr1495d ago

true, I just hate to think that even if I get lucky enough for it to be an actual purple legendary, I am not even guaranteed that I can use it.. :P

dumahim1494d ago

That's all well and good if they want to keep Legendaries hard to get. But no need to troll people with it. Make it much more likely you'll get a Legendary from a purple engram, but reduce the drop rate of the engrams to compensate.

I'd also move the rare crafting materials down to blue so you can get a few more of them. Each defense upgrade on the two armor pieces I have needs 6 ascendant shards. There's 3 of them on each piece so I need 36 of the shards to max them out. TOTAL so far I've received is 8. At this rate it'll be over a month just to finish these two pieces.

ninsigma1494d ago

If you dismantle legendary items that aren't for your class you'll get ascendant shards which you need for upgrading the legendary equipment.

Neonridr1494d ago

true, but I will most likely do the other 2 classes at some point, so I figure I mine as well hang on to that armor for that class. Otherwise, with my luck, I will have a Titan who will find Legendary's that will only work for a Hunter class.. :P

ipach1494d ago

on the flipside, there is the small chance even a rare engram nets you a legendary. but yeah, good luck with that... after a day of sleep-inducing loot farming, i've gone back to just racking up reputation and just buying the darn things. much more fun that way...

Neonridr1494d ago

yeah, who wants to listen to Dinklage over and over again... "You've awoken the Hive!".. lol

sprinterboy1494d ago

I am lvl 25 and have 1 legendary weapon and full armour legendary, took me about 70 hrs lol, got a friend who I have played with for all of it, same level and he has 1 legendary armour, we have collected the same chests, done same missions etc. You've guessed it he hates me lol, kinda out of order on bungies part though.

Aceman181494d ago

Haha I fully understand how he feels I have 4-5 legendary weapons and only 2 legendary body parts.

My friend has 2 exotic bounties while I can't even get one haha. I be hating on him bad haha.

lifesanrpg1494d ago

I just got a quest for an Exotic weapon... gotta do 35 strikes :(

Neonridr1494d ago

how did you get that quest? What level are you?

lifesanrpg1494d ago

I'm level 24. I just got Crucible rank level 1 last night, so I'm thinking that was the reward (I believe I got it from the Bounty board person, but can't remember). My Vanguard rank is only level 1 also.

--Onilink--1494d ago

no one knows for sure yet. It might be randomly after completing bounties. Some people are saying you have to clear 9-10 bounties a day for 3 days straight.. its still a bit unclear.

--Onilink--1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

wasnt it 25 strikes?

Still, its kind of a boring process if you plan to do it in 1 sitting, but you can probably breeze through the earth strike in 10min or so. It will still take you over 3 hours or just do it over the course of a few days

sprinterboy1494d ago


After you do that you have to do another 6 bounties equally as long just to get a gold shotgun, not worth it imo

GuruStarr781494d ago

I had to play a ton of crucible in order to get to level 2 crucible rep to buy legendary equipment... but yeah, outta all the legendary engrams I've gotten, I've never gotten any armor or weapons... currently at level 25..

lifesanrpg1494d ago

Crucible gives horrible rep per match (only 10 for a loss, 25 for a win). You gotta do the bounties and even those only give 100. It's such a horrible grind lol

GuruStarr781494d ago

Yeah, it's going to be a while before I get to level 3 and have the ability to buy weapons.. wish I could get at least one legendary through engrams... the game just keeps screwing me... heck, at least give me some more strange coins so I can buy some of that nice stuff from Xur, or whatever his name is... (the merchant that only shows up on the weekends)..

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