Maybe I wasn’t the Guardian Dinklage was looking for…

An opinion piece discussing the various MMO problems that Destiny faces without actually being an MMO, and several other issues present in the game.

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WolfLeBlack1543d ago

Destiny hasn't been as sociable as I hoped.

Like the author here, I have some problems with friends being a high rank that me. One of my closest friends is a 26, and I've only just hit 18. As a result, if we want to play together he kind of has to meander around and only occasionally help out. Mostly he sits around, because if he gets involved he'll annihilate most things and leave me with nothing.

Likewise if I join him, I'm so screwed. Completely. I'd dead as dead can be. Possibly deader.

At least we're balanced in the Crucible.

The lack of matchmaking is also a bummer. It kind of feels like it's stopping me from meeting new players my rank to play with. Instead I've just got to see if I randomly bump into anyone, but when you do ineracting with them isn't very smooth.

Even the tower is lacking in social stuff.

At least the gunfights are bloody good fun, though :D

slinky1234561542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

The thing is, the game really becomes MMOish at level 20. And getting to level 20 is really easy. Also, you can create another character any time and play with friends that way. As I said though, level 20 is really simple to level up to and isn't a feat of any kind.