NVIDIA Maxwell GTX 980 Performance - 15% Faster Than R9 290X, GTX 970 10% Faster Than R9 290

This first performance review of NVIDIA’s Maxwell based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards have been leaked. The review was leaked over at Expreview however it has since been removed but we were able to grab most of the performance slides to show you the performance comparisons between NVIDIA’s new and improved Maxwell core architecture versus GK110 and Hawaii.

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Ka7be1495d ago

And 50% more expensive than R9 290X....

I will wait for the R9 390x

FlyingFoxy1495d ago

Tempted to wait for the 390/390x myself, would be nice if they came before xmas but it's looking like it maybe just after now.. Maybe same with 980 Ti?

KTF261495d ago

more likely AMD will release 390/390x before 980ti
nvidia waited for 290x to release 780ti right after it
I expect them to do the same with the 250w monsters of maxwell

no they will release it with $500/$550 price tag to make AMD pay for R9-295x2 because this monster killed TITAN Z
if you forgot nvidia did something similar with GTX680 when they released it $50 less than HD7970

gamernova1495d ago

To be fair, the 290x prices were inflated far beyond nvidia because of the coin mining craze. Maybe more expensive but honestly, with the ability to capture gameplay, to be able to stream with the card, lower temps, and awesome driver support, it's worth the price tag. AMD can't match Nvidia as it stands.

brainfart1495d ago

I have to add if you have a amd hd 7000 series card or above you can capture game play, record and play back your game with dvr if you have amd game evolved app!!!

badz1491495d ago

ONLY 15% faster than last year's flagship? kinda disappointing isn't it? especially for the price they are gonna ask for it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1494d ago

Given that they make less noise, use less power, run cooler and surprisingly fairly priced I'd argue the improvements at leaps and bounds better. Also more VRam.

badz1491494d ago

Power saving is great and all but I don't think enthusiasts would really care too much about it. Just 15% faster won't attract many to upgrade. Too miniscule imo.

kingduqc1495d ago

the 970 is 150$ cheaper and withing 10% performence...

Ka7be1494d ago

10% performance? lol get your head out of your ars mate.
GTX970 performance is same as 290 without the X. and the 290 cost the same.
But i like the 970 because of its low consumption. Im waiting for the New AMD cards. But i will be getting the 970.

kingduqc1492d ago


how about you read some real reviews and stop nitpicking benchmarks.

Boom, faster then a 290x in an average of 17 games and the most expensive 970 is 120$ cheaper then the cheapest 290x on newegg canada.

Oh, and don't forget the power consumption, noise, heat outputted into the room is also much much lower...

"lol get your head out of your ars mate."

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SteamPowered1495d ago

Sweet. If the 980 holds steady for around $600, its gonna be some happy holidays at my house.

Magicite1495d ago

Ill buy PS4 and bunch of games...and HD7950 INSTEAD.

SteamPowered1495d ago

Hey, maybe you will get more bubbles for Xmas so you can troll Pc articles even harder!

lfc_4eva1495d ago

The newer nvidia cards might not seem like a massive improvement over the previous generaton. However they are much more power effecient and cooler so quieter as result too.

Its not always performance where we need improvements!

Roccetarius1495d ago

Pretty much this, while the competition's cards continue to be power hungry. That's just another reason to choose these cards.

bsmith611495d ago

That's to be expected of newer hardware. I'd like to see if they'll do a 980ti.

stiggs1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

***Benchmarks show that the GTX 980 has a significant gain over the GTX 780Ti***

But the GTX 780Ti has a larger memory bus, higher memory bandwidth, higher Texture Fill Rate, more Texture Mapping Units, CUDA cores and SM units than the GTX 980. It just HAS TO be faster!

Higher numbers ALWAYS mean better performance, right guys??? /s

BVFTW1495d ago

Maxwell cores vs Kepler cores (Nvidia claims a 128 CUDA core SMM has 90% of the performance of a 192 CUDA core SMX), larger L2 cache reduces the need for a bigger bandwidth, higher clocks helps giving a boost to the texture fill rate so the 128 TMUs are not an issue, I guess the increase in Raster Units is there to help with bigger resolutions and last but no least the lower TDP which means less heat, so there is a lot of room for "OC", even on air! XD

KTF261495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

the micro-architecture is different
It depends on how they organized the components inside the GPU

you have more than one micro-architecture
each one do the work using its own way
and you have hundreds programs
each program needs to do its own work
with different architecture you can't tell which one is better unless you test all of them on multiple programs and take the average

stiggs1494d ago

Apparently the "/s" wasn't a strong enough indicator.

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