Which Games Deserved The Hype?

There comes a time in a game's introductory stage where, if marketing is applied correctly, hype levels go through the roof (à la GTA IV). However, as you may well know, some games are drastically over-hyped, and end up being a bit disappointing.

Also, what about the games that suffer from ineffective marketing, and end up being overlooked? A couple that come to mind are Uncharted and Ratchet, not that they had insufficient promotion, but both are equally fantastic games that some people underrate because they are lost within the midsts of modern gaming hype.

There have been some fantastic games released over the past year, but did any of the big releases leave you with a bad after-taste? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below as to which games lived up to the expectations that their hype suggested, those that didn't deserve as much publicity, and the hidden gems within the PlayStation 3's ever expanding library of games.

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kingOVsticks3776d ago

MGS4,bioschock,kinda gears of war,COD4,thats all I can think of right now better question is which games didn't deserve the hype

OoLegendoO3776d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 of course = )

Ben10543776d ago

definatly not HALO ot GTA4