The Division Technical Director: DirectX 12 Will Improve Performance & Visuals Of Xbox One/PC Games

GamingBolt recently got a chance to interview several developers from Ubisoft Massive. The team is currently working on this generation's most anticipated title, Tom Clancy's The Division.

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urwifeminder2424d ago

Nice my two favourite platforms getting more efficient should open up the neck of the bottle .

tgunzz2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Looking at what DX12 is going to do, will the xb1 be deemed dev-centric??

Ryan7412424d ago

Sweet, looking forward to seeing it in action.

gameon19852424d ago

I am so tired of the devs flip flopping when it comes to Direct X 12 some devs will claim it will have no effect while others claim it will.. I guess the best thing to do is just wait and see.

Fishy Fingers2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

If nothing else (largely referring to XB)it will free up CPU resources that can be used elsewhere. I don't think any dev could argue against it being an improvement over Dx10/11. PC at least should see a nice performance boost all round.

MorePowerOfGreen2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

It seems like the devs that have hands on with it and want to use it say it will improve XB1 performance. The devs that have no hands on or Sony leaning teams say it will do little.

To be honest, IMO waiting for DX12 is the reason some of these big titles have been delayed.

XB1 uses one core for all of the work, DX12 will allow shared work across all 8 cores. I'm sure the DX12 SDK build will have other parts like features we don't know about, hardware based titled resources, Azure cloud compute tools etc.

Pro Sony forces tried their hardest to convince people DX12 will do nothing with the biggest example, of spinning what Phil said about "not a massive change" into meaning *very little* or *next to nothing*

Godzilla is "massive", something not being massive doesn't turn this into a mouse

ziggurcat2424d ago

1. "XB1 uses one core for all of the work" - prove it. You said this dozens if times already without a shred if evidence to support this outlandish statement.

2. "... spinning what Phil said about "not a massive change" into meaning *very little* or *next to nothing*" - the only spinning going on is your failed attempt at a semantics argument. You're misinterpreting what he's said. He's saying that DX12 isn't going to have a significant impact on xbone. Why? Because the current version of DX already does a bunch of things that DX12 is supposed to implement. The impact is going to be much greater on PC because it's going to bring it more in line with console development.

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Antifan2424d ago

Significance is the keyword. Most, if not all, know dx12 will have some effect on xbone, but a larger effect on PC gaming. No one has ever said dx12 will have no effect.

BX812424d ago

To me it's kind of clear that it's going to help. I just don't expect some crazy leap forward. The xb1 has proven it's a capable machine so I'll be happy even if it's a little improvement.

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PCBOX2424d ago

That's why the main platform of this game is XO I think.If you check all the videos till now mostly played on XO.They showed a video about what the engine can achieve,even on that video a dev was controlling the game with an XO controller,if it was not PC.Just a guess.The reason of delay perhaps their willing to add dx12 features for both platforms.

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