Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gameplay Video Shows Both PS4 and Xbox One Versions

Reisident Evil Revelations 2 is being showcased at Tokyo Game Show in both its PS4 and Xbox One incarnations at Sony’s and Microsoft’s booths.

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Inception1581d ago

I'm glad that players can switch between Moira and Claire in real time, just like Rebecca & Billy in RE 0. The new enemies also not so bad either. Now i want to see more like puzzles and maybe some hint if Barry is playable.

FullmetalRoyale1581d ago

Off screen footage, just fyi.

I'll wait for a higher quality before looking at it for the first time. I personally hate having to think "Oh wow it'll look so much better when I'm actually playing it in person" everytime game footage pops up.

It's not that I do not appreciate the effort though. Plus, who cares what I think? I sure don't!

Inception1581d ago

Check gamersyde. They have better off-screen video than this one. I'll put the link in here:

Monstar1581d ago

something is off with the animations, the way claire moves (she looks constipated)...hate it. also hate how its the same door opening animations seen in RE4...NO knob turning or pushing it by the handle...etc. I know its being picky but it looks stupid.

yezz1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I don't think you're being picky.. It's 2014 and the animations look very outdated.. The character is almost floating/sliding like in the ps2 days.

Monstar1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

also, its the same basic enemy a.i/reactions from re 5/6. they need to be more fast/aggressive....something like the a.i in last of us with the infected. Even shinji mikami's evil within sufferers from the same kind of enemies.

spacedelete1581d ago

thats what i thought when i was watching it. is it that hard to use a new door opening animation ?

Monstar1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

of course NOT, they are simply lazy or just don't care...being its only the way a door is opened. But for me it's the little things that count..regardless how small it is. Again its dated and it looks stupid now...but I'm afraid it won't change.

A game can set it self apart in character and looks when these small animatiions are changed...chris, claire all open a door in the same manner....rediculous!

esemce1581d ago

It's Capcom the re hash masters, very eco friendly as they re-cycle so much.

TXIDarkAvenger1581d ago

They should use the door animation from RE1. It built up suspense and was pretty creepy. Might be tedious though if this game has a lot of doors lol.

spacedelete1581d ago

also what annoys me how in every Resi game all the characters move in a very weird way. it started in resident evil 4 and all of the characters move in that way. Clair in the trailer moves the same as Leon did. just really lazy tbh.

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Horny1581d ago

Was this game made for current gen? Looks last gen, not that care about graphics that much.
The AI seems terrible.

ABizzel11581d ago

It's episodic, so like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc...

Ryuk_20071581d ago

@1:33 the guy is just standing there like someone put him in timeout lol

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