Worthplaying: Farmlands Announced & Screens

Worthplaying: "In Farmlands you build farms, plant crops, and battle for control of land. The goal of farmlands is straight forward....Increase your net worth to meet the goal of the map or have the largest net worth when time runs out. Players move around the outside of the board building farms and planting crops. If a player lands on your farm they will have to pay a toll equal to the value of the farm and its connected crops. It gets interesting when you start connect multiple farms together to combine their values. To prevent other players from connecting farms a player can initiate a battle by placing one of their crops on an opponents square. The outcome of battles between players are determined by slot machine mini games.

The collectible aspect of the game comes in with the pack of cards you are drawing your items and seeds from. During your turn you will draw items or seeds from your pack to use in the game. Seeds are used to plant crops or boost your attack in combat. Items are used to modify the behavior of things in the game. At the end of any map in single or multi player the player will receive additional items or seeds which they can use to customize their pack.

Under the shadow of the mountains in the the Cowlitz River Valley lived a small boy named William and a little girl by the name of Ruby. Their family came from a long line of farmers. Their grandfather had been a farmer and their great grandfather and so on as long as anyone could remember. So it was, when their grandfather retired that he turned the family farm over to their mother."

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