Watch 30 Minutes of Bloodborne Gameplay From TGS 2014

A brand new Bloodborne demonstration shows off 30 minutes of death, new weapons, combos, and even a boss battle.

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snipab8t1495d ago

Eh to be honest apart from decent graphics, this game looks like the mechanics are really dated. Not sure why all the hype. It doesn't look scary, and all the enemies just tend to jump out from dark corners, which is really predictable. Maybe I am missing something which justifies all the hype?

Kayant1495d ago

"Maybe I am missing something which justifies all the hype?" - Play a souls/demon game then you will understand. If you have and don't like them then I can't help you.

aCasualGamer1495d ago

Video is really compressed. Is there a better video out?

Haven't played Demon Souls nor Dark Souls. But this title i'm going to pick up.

Is there anyway you can mess with camera settings to make it not as flickery when moving it around?

BullyMangler1495d ago

Im really attracted to the weapon transformations, and the ambiance.

But why is this called bloodborne? . i see no decapitations, no disslimbing. Like its toned down for kiddies . Also the gameplay seems a little sluggy .

But that slege hammer, can it too transform ? that'd be sweet!

Fizzler1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It's not really meant to be scary, it's more of a creepy atmospheric game, kinda like resident evil 4.

Deividas1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

This has nothing to do with horror lol so get rid of it trying to be scary because it wont be. From Software works on games that have amazing atmosphere and a difficulty level beyond most games.

Day 1 for me for sure.

guyman1495d ago

"The game mechanics look dated". Are you trying to throw in a few low-blow punches there? What game have you played that looks anything similar to bloodborne besides the highly regarded demon/dark soul series?

Yea. exactly, none.


The graphics, tone, style and gameplay of Bloodborne looks second to none. It is just amazing - the gamescom trailer and the one released today are stellar to say the least. An easy GOTY contender for 2015.

Blacktric1495d ago

"this game looks like the mechanics are really dated."

By that logic, 99% of the games in the market right now (including indies), have outdated mechanics.

I mean come on, the game has so many changes to the core mechanics of the Souls games (hitting back after getting hit gives you your health back, you can carry a gun and a melee weapon at the same time, etc.), it doesn't deserve to be blamed for having "outdated mechanics"...

breakpad1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

agreed .. while a quick look seems that its mechanics resemble the old ones..these minor mechanics (absorbing health , unfolding your weapon-creating a new one, no shield -no defence ,gun instead of shield) they create a real unique-no seen way of can say it resembles a little bit MOnHUn but that makes the game even better

HighResHero1495d ago

Don't worry snipab8t. It's not really about the single player anyway and you'll probably love the multiplayer. The MP going to have tons of innovative things. Like mechs, killstreaks, health regen, and plenty of chest high walls.
But if that is a serious/non-troll comment, then your questions have already been answered by others here.

killacal131495d ago

Mr. disagreeb8t
This game is designed to provide a hard but rewarding experience once you beging to master which weapon type is better used for specific situations, with pressure building up as you start to get surrounded. The smallest and weakest enemies in this game can three shot you individually, picture mobs of monsters coming all at once.

Enemy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

If you're not a Souls fan why comment? Terrible post.

Bloodborne has deeper gameplay than every game you're looking forward to.

reaperofsouls1495d ago

snipb8t go troll somewhere else

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bazinga_911495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Can't wait to play this. Certainly appearing to be the best rpg. This and witcher 3. :3

Loving the dark and creepy atmosphere of this game.

Old_Boss_1495d ago

Can't wait to play it , but the person who was playing was pretty bad falling on the same trap etc, Just give me the Demo and i'll give a better 30 minutes Gameplay :D

Kane221495d ago

is there one without the annoying commentary?

madworld1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

it is freaking hard i hate that,why i can't enjoy with a game not punched every time I pass level unbelievable and something should Sony think about it, not every players are a pro gamers!!!!!!!!

Hanso1495d ago

Souls Game arent really that hard
You just cant go in guns blazing or you will be killed quickly. You need to pay attention to your enemies, learn their attacks ect.
Im not the best Souls Player but i got Platinum in Demons Souls and Dark Souls (currently playing DS2)

Deividas1495d ago

Souls games are all about timing. Like Hanso said, if you go in guns blazing...your dead before you even started. Will NEVER work for these kind of games.

And if Sony made these series easier, they would lose a lot of charm and a big fanbase that is behind these games.

But honestly, there is no game more rewarding than a From Software game, they will punish you to no end but as soon as you get by that one level or that one boss...there is no better feeling while playing a game. Its the best part.

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