GamePro: The Last Remnant Exclusive Preview

There isn't really only one remnant. In fact, there are a bunch of them with different powers, and they were left behind by an ancient civilization. That's pretty much all the round table could coax out of the developers on that subject. The Last Remnant is mysterious - hard to pin down, "We expect each gamer to have their own definition of remnant at the end of the game so if we could explain in a really simple word we are spoiling that factor, so it's a difficult thing for us."

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nice_cuppa3774d ago

my 360 is getting lots of rpg play this year.

yay !

Avto3774d ago

Ha, X360 has and always had its share of RPG the problem is the best RPGs are for PS3, Final Fantasy anyone

kewlkat0073774d ago

and only mentioned Final that all jrpg lovers are going to play?

If FF was on the 360, you probably wouldn't have comment..

The 360 has been the JRPG king this gen, and who knows if it will continue or if Sony will stop canceling games or getting them 6 months later.

That's why some of the very good jRPGs don't sell well, all people wanna throw around is FF to make themselves feel better about their console of choice. the day that series comes to the 360 there will be mass suicides.

On this article, i think this comes out first on the 360, so that's what I'm getting it for.

gerol3774d ago

wah. its going to release on xbox360 first right??
how sad..

zornik3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Yep.....the PS3 version is delayed and it's now a timed exclusive for the X360.(i'm not sure but is Star Ocean 4 also a timed exclusive on the X360?)
Here is the link
Like Avto was saying;
" the best RPGs are for PS3, Final Fantasy anyone "
I think the X360 is turning the table on RPG's and not only for JRPG's.The best western RPG's are on the X360 like Oblivion,Bioshock,Too Human and Fable 2.(PC port of The Witcher on the way)
With Blue Dragon,Enchanted Arms,Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey the X360 is a good alternative for JRPG's.
Now you can add timed exclusives like The Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 to the X360 JRPG list and don't forget Infinite Undiscovery.
I don't want to rub it in your face but the X360 is doing well.

Nevers3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

might be totally exclusive to 360... but we've all heard devs having "no plans" before and been fooled.

poopface13774d ago

if they can make one that I like I may play it, but ill probaly never even try these games. Good tosee that xbox owners who like this stuff actually have stuff to look foward to this gen. as opposed to xbox1.