Thirty new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain screenshots show Quiet and African jungle

Konami has released 30 new screens fro Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The first 9 are from the cutscene of Quiet entering Mother Base and getting imprisoned, the rest from the African jungle gameplay. Enjoy!

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HammockGames1490d ago

Just had a thought.

Maybe Quiet is taking the "Skinny Pill" that angry doctors are calling to ban.

(or perhaps there's just a lot of cleavage on this page - not that that is a bad thing, of course)

SuperBlur1490d ago

4 out of 30 shots have cleavage in it , how's that "a lot" ?

HammockGames1490d ago

Sorry mate. Bad joke.

I was referring to the similarity between Quiet and the ridiculous ad that rotates through the "You Might Also Like" section on this page.

johny51490d ago

Skinny Pill? There is no skinny pill that works!

hkgamer1490d ago

according to every ad you find here there is plenty. and the government wants to ban it. so buy massive supplies right now before they ban. quick quick quick quick quick. :P

ramiuk11490d ago

supposedly there is because i always get emails for them and at the bottom of this site etc by taboola ads.
internet is full of skinny pill adverts.
its pathetic.

good thing i use adblock and i dont see any

SuperBlur1490d ago

ooooh , i dont get any ads on my browser ;)

Aleithian1490d ago

Her body composition is that of the woman she's modeled on.

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jon12341490d ago

Just watch the video for those of you who haven't seen it

shmeedy246851490d ago

Those graphics look amazing. 2015 is going to be an incredible year for gaming!

Number-Nine1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

her design is so out of place. im gonna guess she is not really a she. probably a reason why she can't talk because 'it' would probably sound like a dude.

Wni01490d ago

But shes super hot, its all gamers care about, story doesnt really matter for metal gears anyways.

Wni01490d ago

@ kingdomcome, please reply with some form of thought, "?" is not an answer, nor is it a one off. metal gear solid from the get go has been a convoluted cluster fuck of a story. besides, its a straight rip off of Escape From New York, even the characters name is Snake, and looks the EXACT same, and speaks in the same way and the plot has pretty much been the. same.

however, the MGS2 is still one of the best games ever made, but the story is not its best asset, gameplay is, and that is what matters.

hkgamer1490d ago

ermmm... she doesnt have adams apple and other tells such as big hands etc.

also if you talking about chico then you should know he is dead. if you dont believe me then watch the pt concept. you clearly see his head chopped off :P

Aleithian1490d ago

Uh, for real? Where is it?

Gatsu1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

So many still complaining about Quiet's look. MGSV isn't the first game to show hot babes in the screen. Games like Skyrim is basically a porn game with all kind of nude mods etc, so it's kind of out of place too. And GTA's got strippers swarming everywhere, but for some reason when Kojima makes MGS and one hot but also cool babe in it.
Then 90% of the world goes crazy.

Number-Nine1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

those polygon babes bro! super hot.

MGS has always 'sexified' their female characters but never to this extent or overly exaggerated. She is basically walking around like shes ready for playboy photo shoot. It's stupid, pointless, and doesn't fit the theme.

TheOverToe1489d ago

I'm surprised that no one has pointed this out but she's a sniper. She's dressed the same way "naked snake" dresses for camouflage. Big Boss is topless at the start of the latest gameplay video.

Also where were the complaints about Raiden running around naked in MGS2? Or Big Boss running around topless in MGS3? Or Snake in MGS1 being tortured. Oh wait, they're all men.

People seem to have an aversion to the female form because it's fashionable to be a social justice warrior.

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