Watch Styx die over and over again in the latest 'Die Harder' trailer

Neil writes "Styx may think he’s hardcore but he certainly isn’t as the latest trailer from Styx Master of Shadows sees him trying to embrace the shadows….or die trying."

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Cherchez La Ghost1582d ago

???!! Is it me, or this game looks close like Shadow of Mordor?!

Darkwatchman1582d ago

One is an action game. Another is a stealth game. I don't know what you've been smoking

Clown_Syndr0me1582d ago

That's one unattractive protagonist!

Meltic1582d ago

its like thief but you are a orc lol

Grap1582d ago

The Animation is baaad other than that AI does look good and smart.

joeydale131582d ago

The character model was taken from an unfinished Sex in the City game. Look at the resemblance to Sarah Jessica Parker.

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