'PS4 was an obvious choice,' says Snow developer

Snow developer chats about creating the most authentic winters sports game ever, exclusively on PS4.

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MasterCornholio1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Dang its been ages since I played a good snowboarding game. Hopefully the developers do a good job with this.

Im happy that Sony is giving them a hand with this.

WeAreLegion1494d ago

It is good, but it still needs work. Try it out on Steam when you get the chance. It's on sale every once in awhile.

Onehandband1t1494d ago

Also on PC, has been for a while in early access. Exclusive is not the phrase that should be used here

Septic1494d ago

I don't get the disagrees. He's right.

ABizzel11494d ago

Console exclusive should be used.

PS4OUR1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


Wow, i don't get why you have 6 disagrees for stating a fact. This game has been on PC for a while already and its going to be PS4 exclusive too which is a win for Sony and the console crowd.


This disagree system is nothing more than a hinderance. When you get disagreed with for stating facts, it just means this system is broken as is the bubbles.

nevin11494d ago

CoolBoarders 3 was a addictive demo back in the day.

They should went with that.

DFray9191494d ago

i cant wait for the next snowboard game! (on next gen) ssx or coolboarders. something!

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