Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Defender Gameplay - TGS 2014

Futuristic warfare in the battlefield is at it's finest in the latest Call of Duty.

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Darth Gamer1586d ago

OK, so It looks very mush like the same ol same ol, BUT, I do like a few things about it. It looks to be much faster which is a huge plus for me (I couldn't stand how slow you moved in previous CODs) and I do like the jump suit. I was one of the few that really liked Titanfall and this looks to be a good blend of the two games. I will be picking this up and hopefully I will finally enjoy a COD game again.

MetroidFREAK211586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

It does look similar, like the animations, and movement, but I also like playing the same engine type game because its fimiliar and there's no learning curve. Already know how to play! But the exo movement looks fresh and new. The new game modes look great also. They are adding what game modes fans want, which will make it a personal favorite. The exo movement looks so smooth when chained together properly (gonna take some practice haha) the maps look well designed and game does move fast, which is what I want in a Call of Duty game. A lot of people got burned out by Ghosts (myself included though I hit max prestige) and this looks like the step CoD needs to be great. Eagerly awaiting November 2nd when I pick up my Digital Pro Edition :D

mcarsehat1586d ago

The only learning curve this game has is the complicated pick 13 system. It's like The Witcher lol

BattleReach1586d ago

Looks fun, fast and colorful. And I like the American Football-style gamemode they added.

Raziology1585d ago

Apparently, the same people who gave you "Agrees" have given me "Disagrees" and vice versa :P

Raziology1586d ago

I really had higher expectations than what's shown in this video. What's shown is not enough to develop a good judgment, but it doesn't look promising so far.