TGS 2014: Vita Invokes The Old-School In Tales of Hearts R

PlayStation Vita has a glut of games. A glut of great games, in fact. And as a device that’s found a sustainable home in Japan, many of those games happen to be Japanese. But here’s the thing: you’d think that with such great Japanese support would come a plentiful array of great JRPGs. But you’d be wrong. Think hard and scroll mentally through Vita’s catalog, and you’ll only come across a handful of traditional JRPGs that are actually worth playing.

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sinncross1543d ago

Im confused... why would this game be at TGS? The game released in Japan over a year ago...

Eonjay1543d ago

Probably press for the wider release.
Tales of Hearts R will be released in North America & Europe in Winter 2014.

jonboi241543d ago

I believe it was played at Namco's pre-TGS preview. Though I could be wrong.

KillerResistance1543d ago

It would be in the Western/Europe TGS Conference, not the Asian Conference since it already got released

Lucreto1543d ago

I hope you can turn off all the voices since it is only Japanese.

It is a pity I always enjoyed the after battle banter and the skits will lose there humor without the english voices.

I am really enjoying Xillia 2 at the moment but the lack of English VA is kind of a deal breaker.

Whxian1543d ago

after battle conversations will be subbed like symphonia

Lucreto1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Good to know, still, it is all in the delivery and Japanese voices fail to do that.

I have tried on a number of games but without a dub I fail to connect with the characters and end up abandoning the game. There personalities don't shine through and lose the emotion in the scene. For example There is a sad scene and person uses a sad voice in Japanese I read it in a monotone voice and it fails to get across the emotion.

TongkatAli1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

You know what's funny, when I read books the dialog from the characters, reading them makes me feel like I am every character so I always read with emotion as to how I would like the line to be delivered, it's fun. I don't read out loud, lol.

My two cents.

Lucreto1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I must have read through about 15 books in my lifetime and I forced myself to finish most.

Example I read the first 2 Harry Potter books and forced myself to finish it.

I watched the movies and reread the books with the characters voices in my head and I read through all the books. I am doing the same with Game of Thrones at the moment. I have Peter Dinklage in my head when Tyrion speaks.

I won't have that in these games.

I would rather have dual audio so everyone is happy but I feel I won't get the full enjoyment out of the game without a dub but that's just me.

tiffac0081543d ago

Bamco and Tales Studio wasn't really planning to release this in the west. So I guess they cut back on the expenses of localization hence no dub voice acting.

Also, ToH:R sales will be the key for ToI:R localization. So yeah. lol! ^^;;

Lucreto1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Well the sales will be dire no matter what. The Vita is not doing too well in sales. No dub will kill off a segment of the fanbase. I signed the petition for a port but won't get the game now.

I am voting with my wallet. I want to play it but not without a dub. ToI:R localisation is never going to happen if they fragment the fanbase like this. Do it properly or not at all.

nodim1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@Lucreto >ToI:R localisation is never going to happen if they fragment the fanbase like this. Do it properly or not at all.

Absurd, fanbase is mostly playing with jap voices even when they have a choice. You are the extreme minority that had to be sacrificed because you wouldn't influence sales much. That way localization costs are easier to justify and ToI might get a chance too.

Austin481543d ago

I agree with you my freind ive been a fan since symphonia and i think its a shame there is no dub but its mainly because of the weak sales for the vita over here in the west so they are affraid to put too much money in the game because it could be a big loss of money.

Revengeance1543d ago

No offense but reasons like yours are one of the primary reasons they didn't want to localize it in the first place. They knew Vita wasn't selling really well so they didn't want to do it. But people in the West were begging for a port regardless of a dub or sub.

If you don't wanna buy it it's your choice, but keep in mind decisions like these lessens their chances of localizing any more games, especially handheld ones like Innocence R.

Inception1543d ago

Sigh, this is sad and ridicilous, because i never seen this case when i followed Tales series back in the PS1 era.

Back in PS1 era, Tales fans are very happy if Namco localized the series and not a single one who said "Meh, no english dubs than i'm not buying it!". All fans decided to buy every Tales that got localized so Namco can continue to bring Tales games in the west.

That's why i hope you Lucreto will buy Hearts R and help other Tales fans who wants to enjoy Innocence R and in the same time to give Namdai more reason to produce + localize Tales games for Vita.

plmkoh1542d ago

"and the skits will lose there humor without the english voices. "

You sure, I thought in English the skits are never voiced, only text.

Lucreto1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Xillia and Xillia 2 have fully voice skits.

tiffac0081542d ago

Well that's sad that you decided not to buy the game for voice acting and threw everything about it under the bus. Oh well to each his own.

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Rockets121543d ago

Can't wait to play this game. I honestly don't mind about the English dub. That's how I prefer to watch most japanese things, so I really like it. Can't wait to get this game