Digital Chumps MGS4 review - 10/10

Game of the year for 2008.

Possibly 2009.

So is the game worth it? Hell yes it's worth it! If you were looking for a reason to purchase a Playstation 3 (if Resistance didn't do it for you), you now have the reason. It's the best game of this year. It's got action, it's got story, it's got a good online mode that isn't as inspiring as the game itself, but nonetheless really well-done. You have all of these things that make the game great, a full package, and it's only $59.99? Amazing price for what you get, absolutely amazing.

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highdro3863d ago

i have the game and agree 100% with this reviewer even tho i hardly read their reviews.

PoSTedUP3863d ago

yea i stopped reading reviews since gta4, im sick of them.

at the end of act 4 my total plying time is 28:37:56 and i still have one more act to go. isnt it great!

kingOVsticks3863d ago

when the heck is the score going to go up to 9.7 already?