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WillGuitarGuy1496d ago

NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! *hides under his bed sheets*


The transformation is now with bugs.

And look how the door pushed toward the opposite wall oepend another dimension and hence the S in Silent HillS (many dimensions and doors open them by force).

Jughead34161495d ago

Disturbing. Imagine this with VR. People would die.

Why o why1495d ago

I know the sound of that door creek all too well :(

troylazlow1495d ago

I want to see VR working perfectly before adapting it to this game. as of now we have just seen low end graphics (for full VR worlds not ports)

aCasualGamer1495d ago


Can i be more excited for a game?!


Sheikh Yerbouti1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

WTTV-CBS Channel 4 News

A twenty-one year old Indiana University student died from cardiac arrest over Christmas break in Carmel, Indiana while playing the smash survival horror video game Silent Hills on Sony's newest device, the PlayStationVR headset.

A rash of similar deaths from the game have only increased sales of copies being bundled with the VR headset this holiday...along with protective adult undergarments, smelling salts, and a night light in limited available giftsets.

UltraNova1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


You left out the complimentary defibrillators with the VR bundle...

OT: Man I missed some Silent hill mind job and this one looks poised to dwarf the previous versions in terms of sick shit... The nightmare shift looks good with the bugs and all instead of the walls peeling to reveal sadomasochistic cage like environments (although I would love to see those return) and the door way to other dimensions (hell) is reminiscent to SH4: The Room's bathroom hole/portal. Now that I think about it the whole PT demo felt very much like the SH4: The Room.

Looks like the upcoming The Evil Within will just have to settle with the warm up part after all.

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Plyzz1495d ago

Yup yup yup! (said with Krieger's voice from the show Archer :p)

troylazlow1495d ago

I just pooped myself! Can't wait!

Muzikguy1495d ago

+1 for not saying "I just popped myself". You won't believe how often that happens :/

BX811495d ago

A nightmare on elm street game like this would be cool too.

killacal131495d ago

This game's demo has been the only thing that scared me in recent times, I bet this game will be a truly terrifying experience that I am deeply looking forward to. The last thing that scared me was the Exorcist.

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Snookies121496d ago

Man this game is disturbing as hell! I love it...

breakpad1495d ago

sick and nice fantasy ..(doors that launch and create other gates ..perfect)

Mega241495d ago

Nightmare fuel right there. I remember playing Silent Hill 2, gave me nightmares for a month.

Majin-vegeta1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

So is this exclusive to PS4?

Better stock up on boxers and toiler paper :p.

WillGuitarGuy1496d ago

The Collectors Edition comes with a pair of trousers remember? lol.

Bruce_Wayne1495d ago

Do you know if the trousers are a one-time use?


In the live stream he confirmed everything and the trailer was running real time on PS4. Nothiong else except PS4 mentionned, so for the time being, yes it is a PS4 exclusive (safe move, if you ask me, do it on the most succesful platform and if it works and sells then we will see).

ScottyHoss1494d ago

*buys collectors edition, plays game, shits trousers, goes to EB games* "hi uh... I would like to return this, I found the game too terrifying to finish but all original contents are inside, and then some."

hkgamer1495d ago

maybe in japan, i think worldwide would be on xbone aswell.

could be totally wrong but thats my guess.

HeWhoWalks1495d ago

Being that it's a horror game, and a Silent Hill, I'm willing to bet it's PS4 only, and with good reason. It will sell best there and get quite the exposure as an exclusive.

elsuperamigo1495d ago

I feel sorry for xbox owners that haven't been able to play the p.t. Demo and get a glance of what kojima is gonna bring to silent hill series! man how i love that demo

fr0sty1495d ago

That one demo has been one of my best gaming experiences this generation. A game that finally made horror games actually horrifying again, not just some group of people unloading clip after clip into the same old cookie cutter monsters and zombies.

Eonjay1495d ago

I don't think it is, but it seems very likely that Sony has advertising right to this and obviously some exclusive content if P.T. is any indication.

hkgamer1495d ago

how comes you get 9 agrees and 2 disagrees, yet i get 2 agrees and 25 diaagrees for saying something similar :P

Enemy1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It's a concept trailer for P.T., actually.

jc485731496d ago

so we're not even sure if Silent Hills is even going to play like this

SilentNegotiator1495d ago

It had better be after all of this :/

Azmatik1495d ago

I know its concept but the demo almost looks and feels like this so im sure what were seeing is what were getting or very close and maybe a 1st/3rd person option?

jc485731495d ago

yea, Kojima is aiming for both 1st and 3rd person.

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