Here’s Where You Can Buy a Wii U Extended Battery Pack

N247: Nintendo appears to be having a hard time keeping up with the extended battery pack demand for the Wii U GamePad. After the announcement of the new high capacity battery last May, the inventory for the pack has been very limited or non-existent in the US; people on ebay are selling the battery for as high as $85 due to its rarity.

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techologie1518d ago

thats a good deal! Ordered one, now all i have to do is wait

badz1491518d ago

Intentionally put crappy battery in the first place so people will feel justified to purchase propriety extended battery pack later! Brilliant!

jcnba281518d ago

I have one of these and it works well. Highly recommended.

Agent_hitman1518d ago

I need that to extend my Wii U gamepad's batt life..

MetroidFREAK211518d ago

I don't always play my Wii U, but when I do, I keep the gamepad on the charger. Anyone going to the mmidnight release of Smash for Wii U? (Whenever that date gets announced)

UnceasingElias1518d ago

This is a must buy for every wii u owner. I have used mine for 6 months now and the battery led has never turned red.

deafdani1517d ago

Not every Wii U owner. For me, a Wii U session play usually won't last more than 3 or 4 hours, and my Gamepad usually can handle that just fine if I turn the brightness all the way down and don't use the volume slider (I'm deaf, so I obviously don't need it).

So, I don't have a need for this extended battery.

UnceasingElias1517d ago

Maybe I exaggerated a bit and one more thing. The gamepad gets a litle bit heavier so if you use it as a wii wheel in mario kart for exemple. You are going to get tierd in your arms so keep that in mind.

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