LIVE Activity for week of June 9th

It's official: Call of Duty 4 rules Xbox Live. Once again, Infinity Ward's first-person shooter has attained the status as the most played game for the past week. The rest of the list is business as usual, too, with the only item of note being the presence of three demos in the top 10.

The Xbox Live Arcade list shows Commando 3 as the most purchased game for the week, despite a rather lukewarm critical reception. Perhaps it has something to do with the automatic entry into the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta that comes with the game.

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Drekken3774d ago

I am curious what game is tops on PSN for online play. I find it sad a game from Nov is still owning the charts.

dachiefsman3774d ago

why is it sad? halo 3 came out in Sept and it is still sitting high. The fact is there has not been significant competition to remove them from the pedestal.


Halo2 owned the online #1 spot on LIVE for ever...........well until Gears came out.