Destiny: Changes Might Be Done In Upcoming Patches

It been a while, Destiny is out and player who love the Shooting and Action games, really like it and give a positive response. However the games review form the high-rated sites are not much as good as we have thought.

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Chupa-Chupa1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I really hope that they fix the single player matching.

WombBat1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I really hope they fix multiplayer.

the scoped weapons are underpowered.

The scout rifle is too slow to kill anybody in a 1v1, not to mention just weak in general.

the sniper rifle is slow as well and has no crosshair unless scoped in. I see they are trying to copy COD in that respect instead of sticking to their halo style.

The super is a horrible game play mechanic for multiplayer as well.

the auto rifle is hella overpowered and kills too quickly. One thing that made halo great is if someone shot you, you had a chance of surviving by thinking fast and challenge the opponent or find a good exit. This game eliminated that.

the game has potential but at this point, its just a scifi cod clone.

TheXgamerLive1494d ago

They cant patch that its not open worlds like they talked it would be.

Palitera1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

1. The title is misleading. It is a wish list for changes, nothing more than that.

2. "Matchmaking: Strike matchmaking seems to be rather balanced. PvP not so much. I haven’t done a Raid yet so I can’t say, but PvP being better balanced like a Strike would be good."

Raid matchmaking, heh? The guys know nothing about the game.

Control matches taking 15-20 minutes? Were you playing 1x1?
People playing control as if it was TDM? My games are pretty much the opposite.
etc etc etc.

Anyways... Pure garbage and site blacklisted on the ad blocker.

pompombrum1495d ago

The whole people playing control as TDM while not completely true, the way the scoring works makes it possible to play it as TDM and actually win without holding any points from kills alone. Same with Salvage, me and my friends came up against a team who seemed to always get the points before us yet we won simply because we got the most kills. I think the way the scoring works needs tweaking slightly so it's more objective based than kill based.

Palitera1495d ago

I think the score systems are very nice. Always can be improved, sure, but the major problem is that it seems the majority of the people don't actually know how it works...

Salvage, for instance... People rush to dominate the salvage points, but they don't know that the opposite team will earn lots of points if they destroy your probe.

wsoutlaw871494d ago

if you dont hold the control points at all you would have to get 3x the number of kills i believe. If you get 3x the kills then the other team deserves to lose. I actually really like how controle plays and is more fun than battlefield where it becomes a game where the winner is who ever can get to the control point no one is defending fast enough. The game should still be about trying to kill/ not get killed at the same time.

From everything the person who wrote this said, it doesnt seem like they really know much about the online. I hate when someone plays a few matches then starts asking for changes because they get killed or it is diferent than the other stuff they played. Its not supposed to be just like cod or any other game, because thats what those other games are for. Also the part about the market, you do get different values for dismantling different guns, so basicly you are just asking for more money, which really isnt needed. I always have plenty of money after any mission or crucible match.

InTheZoneAC1495d ago

Man, I always wondered how changes I know, patches!

wsoutlaw871494d ago

lol thats exactly what I thought when I saw the title. Now I know what patches do.

Muzikguy1495d ago

I'm having a hard time just reading that first paragraph. Also, people can love action and shooting games but still not like Destiny. This is a garbage article

Pintheshadows1495d ago

I expected to click and find it translated, but it isn't. All of it is like that.

Muzikguy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It's tough, like it was written by a 5th grader or someone that can't keep a constant thought going. They can keep trying... Clickbait will continue I suppose

wsoutlaw871494d ago

ya this is not really an article, its basicly a forum wishlist with a title pretending to be an article.

pompombrum1495d ago

Biggest changes I want are for bosses in level 20+ strikes to drop stuff, nerf the drop rate on mobs so that farming mobs isn't the optimal way to gear up and most importantly, to take away bonuses on gear in cruicible.. this one is the big major one for me because the exotic bonuses are ridiculous on a lot of the gear and I don't want someone beating me in cruicible because he has an exotic weapon and I don't.

InTheZoneAC1495d ago

weapon bonuses in crucible give it much more needed variety, leave it alone.

pompombrum1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Reduced recoil on auto rifle isn't needed variety, that's just stupidly OP.

wsoutlaw871494d ago

I agree that they give variety and like how it is. It makes the players you are playing against different and is the first time that I really remember an opponent while I'm playing them. Me and my friends will mention, watch out for that guys auto rifle and stuff like that. Hey i got mad too when I got 1 shoted from a fair distance by some lvl 24 kids shotgun when I was a level 17 over and over, but thats kind of the point. That pvp is a carry over from pve. Ya you die, but who cares. It makes the game as a whole, a better experience, especially with how quick it is to level up and get new guns. Dont worry you will get better gear and care a whole lot less.

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