Raiden V Will Melt Your Brain in 2015

Hardcore Gamer: The latest iteration of the long-standing shooter franchise is stunningly beautiful

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ValKilmer1489d ago

One of the best, least-known shoot 'em ups out there.

Kudos to the developers for keeping it going.

Snookies121489d ago

Yeah, these games aren't really my thing, but it's nice to see them still alive and kicking. :]

Master of Unlocking1489d ago

least known? You're kidding right? Raiden I was very well known and loved in the arcades back then when I was a kid!

Needless to say, I agree with the "one of the best" part.
Aaah, that electrifying sound when you'd have the blue laser full power and cooking the enemy spaceship's hull with it, it's still in my head and forever will be! :D

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GodGinrai1489d ago

I love a good shmup. I love raiden. Cant wait to download this!

izumo_lee1489d ago

As long as the homing laser is still available that is all I need for this game. Played the heck out of it when the original was at arcades. Top down shooters are still bad ass & hopefully more SHMUPS will make a return.

Gradius, R-Type, Darius, UN Squadron, Life Force, all need to make come backs on consoles.

Loktai1489d ago

I ways always more of a Darius fan myself but even then I would LOVE A PS4 port of this, port begging commence !