Evolve Gameplay Starring Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken

Okay so Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken aren’t actually in this video but it does feature some pretty good impersonations of them. The folks over the GameSocietyPimps uploaded a video of Evovle gameplay featuring narration by “Mr. Freeman”, with Walken, Jerry Seinfeld, Ted Nugent and Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on the roles of the hunters.

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Serrafina1582d ago

Loved watching the video! :]

AgentSmithPS41581d ago

Funny, better than I thought it'd be.

4Sh0w1581d ago

Ha yeah that's funny stuff, I'm glad this game was delayed cause I really like it but there are just too many games on my radar to finish out 2014.

RyujiDanma1581d ago

fans be like

"next gears of wars" -_-

Double Toasted1581d ago

Did I miss the release date?