Blu-ray movies getting patched like games?

Based on an interview with Neil Young, Sarcastic Gamer writes the following in response to a startling quote by the star relating to Blu-ray and Java.

"...When asked what the best part of the project was, Neil Young replied "It's not static. Maybe there's stuff we've missed, but we can add things because it's Java-enabled." Wowsers! Something tells me Neil Young thinks exactly what he said, but what I read was "Maybe we can ship videos now and patch them later just like software…" No thanks! I'm already sick and tired enough of the ship-n-patch mentality software developers have forced upon us, I don't want to be watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull v1.3… waitaminute, maybe I would like to see that movie patched a few times. Oh, I'm so torn."

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