HITC Tech: Destiny Review - A solid foundation to be built upon

HITC Tech says: "The hype of a game can do a few things to you as someone taking in the latest E3 trailer, or the tidbits of information released by developers along the journey until their next game’s release, but it all depends if you’re paying attention, and what kind of gamer you are. Me, for example, ‘I knew’ what Destiny was - ‘it’s another FPS from the folks that made Halo, that game I never got into which everyone else seems to love’. I spoke about how I was never really hyped for Destiny in my beta impressions, mainly due to my disillusionment with the Halo series, but the beta in July made me open my eyes and take note. This was a fun game that looks gorgeous, the story is mysterious, the gameplay’s solid, and I’m into the whole art style and concept – I was ready for more."

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