Final Fantasy XV Director Leaves Project, Focusing on Kingdom Hearts III

Tetsuya Nomura has left the Final Fantasy XV project, on which he was serving as Director. Final Fantasy Type-0 and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Director Hajime Tabata will step up from Co-Director to FFXV's main Director.

-Foxtrot3360d ago

Really, I mean come on, all those years...you couldn't go on for a little longer to finish it once and for all.

Snookies123360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

What's the problem? I'm sure all of his ideas are already in place. Considering how long he's been helming the title. They're just working on completing stuff he doesn't need to be around for. Like combat system refining, modeling work, etc. It only makes sense that they free him up to start working on KH3, as FFXV is most likely already nearing completion at this point.

Lord_Sloth3360d ago

Agreed. If they don't have all his work ironed out after an entire generation of work then the game was doomed anyways. At this point all that's likely left is polish and filler for added length. IE keys on the other side of dungeons.

Kurisu3360d ago

Agree, and Tabata is a good director. Crisis Core was a good game (in my opinion) and Type-0 was well received very well. The HD version is shaping up good!

Like you say Nomuras work will still be prevelant in FFXV.

colonel1793359d ago

They are probably doing finishing touches, so there's no reason for him to be there full time. Also, there is no way he will abandon the project completely, only serve as a consultant while the game is done.

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DarkOcelet3360d ago

It seems its in the final phase and he left the polishing for hajime and if there is some parts unfinished then am sure he can handle it well as he did in Type 0.

Godmars2903360d ago

Can't help but think that after all this time he's fed up with FF15, and wants to go to a comfort zone. Which is KH.

Also - yeah, going to be that guy - Where's your Nomura now?!

Given all this time there's no telling what shape the production is in. By the look of "leaked" trailers, there are have been two if not three revamps of design and direction.

Though, more than likely, if FF15 makes an appearance this TGS, then you might be right: they just to polish a finished project.

Snookies123359d ago

If they're going to be releasing a demo with Type-0 in March, they're not going to be revamping any longer. There'd be no point in the demo if they're just going to change up stuff afterward. They're close to finishing, or at least somewhat close if they're planning on releasing a playable demo.

Cha0tik3359d ago

The game isn't being left in the dust. They just confirmed the demo for March 17th in a trailer that was released for Type-0

Magicite3359d ago

Does this mean FF15 in alpha stage at least now?

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FlameHawk3360d ago

Guess that means we'll see Kingdom Hearts 3 sooner than we think.

TongkatAli3360d ago

More games that I can remote play excites me.

masterfox3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

new FF XV trailer = awesome!!, enjoy!!
link updated!!


Spenok3359d ago

You are amazing. Thanks for this. Couldn't be more excited for this title. It NEEDS to come out... like, now lol.