Why GTA V Costing $60 on PS4/Xbox One Makes Absolute Perfect Sense

Claudia writes, "With Rockstar having announced recently that Grand Theft Auto V would be hitting next-gen consoles this fall, the question on a lot of players minds has been “How much will it cost?” Well if you’re wondering how much it should cost, that would be $60."

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Codewow1493d ago

I am actually surprised they didn't go with an upgrade discount for next-gen.

Crazyglues1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Well I think it should cost 49, why?

For the same reason someone says it should cost 60...

It's just someone's opinion... yes they went back and re-did the graphics, but no new story or dlc was added so let's just think about this for a second.

Didn't you already have to make new graphics for the PC version.. ? isn't the next gen consoles just a port of the pc version made to run with a little lower graphics... ?? The same way it was for games like BF4?

How in the world does that justify the same price when nothing new was done or added, just graphics update, and graphics already had to be updated for PC so really you just needed to get it to run.. Same story? same game.

50 bucks is all it should cost, and that's 49.99 to be exact. -That's a much better price for a game that's really just a graphics bump-

Rock*Star the balls in your court, do the right thing..

||.........___||............ ||

YodaCracker1493d ago

They may not have added new story, but they have done quite a bit more than simply update the graphics. They have nearly doubled the player count for GTA Online. They've added new weapons, vehicles, wildlife, and activities. They've increased the traffic density and enhanced the damage modeling and weather effects. And finally, the radio has been expanded with over 100 new tracks. Those are the changes they've announced so far. There hint at many more additions but as we all know, Rockstar loves to be secretive.

hkgamer1493d ago

pc version isnt even out yet.

and isnt pc version just a port of xbone/ps 4? you get what i mean?

anyways, i think ports can be sold at full retail. theres nothing wrong with that. anything less and its a bonus. i understand why you say $50 but thats probably because you already pirchased it on the previous gen.

heres an example from another industry. movies rerelease for 3d. like jurassic park, toy story. did cinemas charge less? movies that went onto bluray cost the same amount and im pretty sure 4k movies will cost around the same.

gtav upgrades seem good enough for that price. im guessing pc version would also be full pc price.

dreamed1492d ago

As much as i like gta 5 theres to many new games coming out in november for me to even worry about buying gta 5 again....are the coop heists being released with it?,or let me guess paid dlc??.

The online coop was cool,the rest of online stank im really not hyped at all.

spacedelete1492d ago

just buy it online as it will be cheaper than $60 like Tlou and metro redux were discounted by a lot of sites. stupid journalists telling us how much a game should cost and its a woman journalist as well so she doesn't even play games i bet. GTAV has already sold 34 million so RockStar should throw us a bone and release at a reasonable price. one factor this stupid journalist hasn't taken into account as GTAV will be competing against actual next gen games so they need an reasonable price to get people to double dip.

LordMaim1492d ago

"and its a woman journalist as well so she doesn't even play games i bet"

Was that really necessary?

zombiex0691489d ago

I will pay her $60 if you know what i mean.

oODEADPOOLOo1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I never even played this game before, but even I feel $60 is too much for this game. The fact this game is a re-release is a HUGE reason why it would not be worth $60, there are games that are coming out at same release window that are made from scratch for Next-gen or make it at bare minimium a high priority.

Especially since Rockstar seemed to be projecting a feeling that they considered next-gen and PC a low priority. Heck they didn't even seem to want to announce the remaster at Sony's E3 conference themselves and left a short trailer instead. In fact I think Rockstar probably lost a good deal of PC gamers business who got tired of waiting. The fact that they pushed release date for PC players only seems to add insult to injury. PC people I would expect to be the most irritated about the price.

I myself am not interested in picking this game up on release date because of the fact its a re-release at full price and that they did little to communicate details about this game only recently releasing info, it just gave me the impression they didnt care much for my business. There are alot more options in Nov so it doesn't seem as hot of a game to pick up. Esp as I did for TLOU where there was nothing else coming out for a while. This game is a Black Friday/Holiday sale for me!

Sorry rant over, lol.

t0mmyb0y1493d ago

You're cheap lol. You've never played it but think it's to much "because it's a re-release". Dude I played the hell out of it for PS3 and with the upgrade if you have never played it, it is WELL WORTH IT. I've played 100 games to every Rockstar game that is worth the price (that's every Rockstar game I've played fyi...that's alot of Rockstar games btw).

oODEADPOOLOo1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Nah im not that cheap..maybe last gen lol, been buying all my games for PS4 at full price up to this point. I had bought BF4 and premium pass, watch dogs plus seasons pass, injustice, infamous, tlou all on their release date. Just don't see this game having the same level of value as a re-release compared to stuff like farcry 4, assasins creed unity releasing as completely fresh games. I made an exception for tlou because there wasnt much coming out during its launch window and price was discounted.

Just seems almost arrogant( I know thats a consumer-touchy feely view, but I understand the business side of the argument) to compete directly at same price point with newer titles.

iSuperSaiyanGod1493d ago

@t0mmyb0y this is going to sound stupid . I didn't beat the game , (my ps3 broke before I had the chance) are there aliens & zombies somewhere inthe game like in the new trailor? Or was that added to the trailor for upcoming ad on?

n4rc1493d ago

There was something about a cult worshiping aliens.. Lol.. I remember that.. But was just a side story I believe. I don't recall ever seeing either and I beat the story and most side missions

t0mmyb0y1491d ago

@Saiyan TBH I never got to finish the game either. I had PS+ when I was playing it and I thought for this game I'd use the cloud to save my files....PS+ ran out and no access to the save file smh.
@Deadpool I see what you're saying. If I had the option of GTA5 or Farcry 4/AC Unity I'd pick FC4 lol, but that's because I've played GTA5. Lets just say you have to try it out some day :)

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hkgamer1493d ago

everyone has their own opinions on price. hence the reason why some people think psnow is ridiculously overpriced.

some people dont buy brand new, some people only buy online and some people only rent. all these affects peoples actual judgement on what a full retail game cost. just because hou can buy gtav on ps3 for cheaper now, doesnt mean the ps4 should be matching its price. lots of people look at ebay prices are 2nd prices to make judgements aswell which is unfair.

though we all have our own price ranges for things, its best for you to wait until you find aomething that is more suitable. you waited this long, you might aswell wait a little bit longer.

norkee1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

It's just brilliant marketing, everyone bought gta5 last gen because it wasn't announced for next gen. If they would have announced both everyone would have held out to get the better version. Doing it this way its like getting 2 releases off of 1 game. Mo Money!
Rockstar have always done what ever the hell they want and make dump trucks full of cash while doing it.
I am going to buy it for pc so I guess I am one of the suckers since I bought it for my ps3 lol.

n4rc1493d ago

Ugh... So true..

I would of waited.. But having beat it, I still want to replay it but ill wait for a sale

hkgamer1493d ago

yeah, which is why many companies dont like announcing a next gen version. similar to tlou.

would like to add that gtav and tlou probablu sold a lot more than they would have guessed because they released just before nx gen consoles arrived.

zerog1493d ago

Considering that it is a rerelease and you can get the ps3/360 version for $30 now they would be shooting themselves in the foot to charge $60. They might get away with $50 at the extream but as for me since I've beat it and haven't had much fun with the mutiplayer I won't be getting it unless the do an upgrade program somewhere.

TongkatAli1493d ago

Going to buy this again, all good, no amount of backlash will stop me, puhuhuhuhu.

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