Is iOS 8 Too Big For Your Device? Try This Trick So You Don't Have To Delete Your Games

When Apple declared iOS 8 as “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store,” they weren't kidding. Literally. If you've tried to download the update this morning, you may have realised that it requires a whopping amount of storage space. If you’re not particularly keen on deleting absolutely everything from your iDevice to make room for iOS 8 there’s actually a fairly simple workaround.

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SlappingOysters2564d ago

Great tip - just saved my butt!

CoyoteHunter2564d ago

I have an iPad mini with 5gb storage. The update was around 1gb until this tip. Thanks guys.

weirdo2564d ago

glad i opted for a 64gb phone!

Immorals2564d ago

Backup data, sell iDevice, pick up superior android device. Sorted.

Highlife2564d ago

Iphone 6+ is basically a galaxy note 2 minus the stylus and multi tasking to bad that phone was out 2 years ago.

nX2564d ago

Indeed, IPhone 6 is an ugly joke compared to the current competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.