Gaikai Talks PlayStation Now

GameInformer- "We recently spoke with Gaikai CEO David Perry about all things PlayStation Now. The longtime developer joined the cloud-gaming company in 2009 and in 2012 Sony acquired it to form the core of PlayStation Now. Check out our interview as we touch on signing with Sony, remote play, what it takes to get a game on PS Now, expansion to more devices, overcoming rough cloud-gaming experiences, and looking to the future."

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Gamer19821517d ago

Great interview and some good opinions about the future of gaming. Sony will dominate if they get the pricing right and bring playstation now to browsers and TV sets. Imagine buying a Sony Bravia and being able to play ps1 and ps2 games without a console? Thats a huge selling point right there. Something they need right now as there TV department is leaking money badly.

Hk85karlsson1517d ago

Ironically, their TV:s are the best for gaming.
Some of the newer ones (from 2013 and beyond) have a superb low input lag.

That was almost plasmas alone back in the day. I like Sony products, I'll get me a Xperia Z3 when it launches.

mkis0071517d ago

The Sony tv's we sell at costco are starting to come with thew ps now beta sticker. ( as in it is available on the tv's already.

ramiuk11517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

would certainly help fix there tv department losses.
sony brava tv with playtv and ds4 pad would be epic.

there tvs are from 4ms upwards for input lag (best tvs for gaming imo)
i just hope they bring the ps4 stream to Z2,because its what i just got other month and spec wise its same as Z3