Pro Gamer Danny “Phobos” Zeitz murdered selling his PS4

The world of pro-gaming has been reeling today, as it has recently been made public that the 28 year old Daniel John Zeitz, also known as ‘Danny Zeitz’ or his handle ‘Phobos’ has been murdered by a gunshot wound to the chest, while trying to sell his unwanted PS4 via Craigslist.

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Hendrickson2467d ago

The world is so messed up, killed for a PS4? Wouldn't be the first time too.

Kivespussi2467d ago

"The shooters consisted of an unnamed 16 year old mother and her 20 year old partner, known as Nathaniel Vivian. The young couple’s 16 month old child was even present when the robbery took place."

Yep, messed up indeed. She must've been 14 when she got pregnant.

And I saw this news earlier, its stupid that this had to happen over $400. No person should die, especially because of so little.

This donation goes to his family if someone missed it in the article

zeee2466d ago

This is beyond horrible. RIP brother.

ThunderPulse2466d ago ShowReplies(1)
FanboyKilla2466d ago

This is beyond sad. You guys better be careful with that craig list shit. Its obvious criminals prey on that site. This is so f up.

@thunderpulse what do you mean the black guy? You dumb white boy.

This has nothing to do with the gaming scene. They were going to sell it for money or drugs. I doubt you murder a man for a ps 4, then go home and play knack.

@kivespussi yes n4g is full of dumb arses, idiots, buthurt fanboys, and girls with male parts, but they are not murderers. This has nothing to do with games, gamers, or consoles. When you rob someone usually the end goal is MONEY.

SavageKuma2467d ago

Damn....Over a damn system. Aiya, Sorry for their lose and his family.

SonyKong642467d ago

death by the lethal mix of capitalism and stupidity..

one is selling to recieve monetary funds for food/shelter/clothing, which is needed for survival I might ad, the other stealing and then murdering because obviously they are stupid and could not afford to buy one themselves.

so really, this was nothing more then a direct consequence of modern cut throat capitalism in today's still uncivilized society.

truth sucks, another life lost because of money, greed and stupidity..


jacksons982466d ago

Blaming Capitalism is like blaming Sony
for creating the PS4 or for blaming Craigslist for the hosting the ad.
What caused this death was two selfish individuals who have no respect or value for the life of their fellow brothers and sisters on this planet.

SilentNegotiator2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Greed isn't inherent to any specific system of economics.

For an example, read up on the Great Chinese Famine. Educate yourself instead of being an anti-capitalist sheep.

rarity2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Lies,feminist,sex scandals,politics and now people are dying trying to sell a console? What the hell is going on in the gaming scene?

dcj05242467d ago

Nothing to crazy. The internet reports things faster. People died selling Ataris. People overblow idiots acting idiotic. Only idiots kill for video games, start scandals that get debunked in seconds or try to control artistic vision (Ubisoft). All means nothing. Idiots will forever be idiots nothing you can do.

Kivespussi2467d ago

You know how we all laugh at mainstream media saying consoles make people violent? Maybe not violent but seems like it has to do something, gamers are the most immature bunch of people when you look at communities and forums like N4G. Complaining, name calling and overall just childish people everywhere and then you hear about horrible stories like this here and people getting SWATted...

Captain_J_Sheridan2466d ago

Anything that has enthusiasts will have a big amount of douches

There are douches in sports, in fashion, it's just an intermediary so people can fight

xX1NORM1Xx2467d ago

I don't know but if it keeps going i no longer want to be a part of it the vocal minority is causing me to hate the gaming culture in the comments on the site someone tried to turn it into a console war thing

gangsta_red2467d ago

That is a damn shame. Such a pointless, horrible way to die. And through Craigslist at that, if that site didn't have enough problems.

CerealKiller2467d ago

Those 2 idiots are going to spend the rest of their life in prison, they could of just got a job like normal people. Instead they decided to ruin their lives, the life of their child, and end this guys life.

hellothere19772467d ago

Lawyer will get them off with a slap on the wrist. They'll play the parentless baby angle coupled with "he said/she said" to plant the seeds of doubt.

BattleTorn2466d ago

I don't see the 16yo, being tried as a juvenile, spending life in prison.

Though she should

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