Now You Can Play The Last of Us in Resident Evil 4

Ever wanted to play The Last of Us in other video games? Maybe. Probably not. But if the urge ever strikes, one modder has fused Naughty Dog’s hit title with Resident Evil 4.

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Haru1517d ago

Now only if we can have Leon in the Last of us that would be sweet

mikeslemonade1517d ago

It's a character skin. Kinda lame.

ravensly1517d ago

but the last of us can never come to pc . its console we are talking about. console games cannot be modded -no freedom

not until rpcs3 can play commercial games at playable framerate but it will take some years

ABizzel11517d ago

This is absolutely awful, because by using RE4 it takes Ellie from being a [email protected]$$ and turns her into a crying [email protected]$$ damsel. At least use RE5 so she can shoot and stab back by moding Chris and Sheva.

ninjahunter1517d ago

Oh god, that lighting system. Make it stop.

TardcoreGamer1517d ago

Been meaning on finishing this game again for old time sake. Might go ahead and install this mod.

Joel>Leon all day.

Kevlar0091517d ago

I wonder how Leon would look in a beard. He already has a solid balance of good looks but can still kickass.

RevXM1517d ago

This is awesome!
Would be badass if the modder would make them playable throughout the entire game if they arent already with more lines from TLOU, maybe even replace some/all enemies with infected from TLOU. This need more clickers and bloaters or something!

Good job!

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