The best free games on the PS4

A few weeks ago, we went through and picked out twenty of the best free and free-to-play PC games available. After a few days of full-on F2P immersion, we started thinking about free games on other platforms. After all, the free-to-play model has expanded well beyond the PC and it’s now an important part of the gaming ecosystem.

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Lord_Sloth1768d ago


With friends this game is epic!

kratoz12091768d ago

War thunder,
Fantastic game

Gravity_DoGG1768d ago

He just listed all the F2P games? I could have gone to the Free to play section on the store and seen this??

SamPao1767d ago

I haven't even oprnd the article and I knew this would be the case hahaha :D

Palitera1767d ago

I played them all. To me, the only one to go above average is War Thunder.