Destiny: PS4’s Biggest Software Launch Yet

By Adam Boyes: "What a week! Since Destiny launched one week ago, it has officially become the biggest PS4 game launch in North America ever. The game broke records for being the fastest purchased and most played PS4 game during its first week on sale. In fact, last week was our single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013! That’s a lot of PS4s. Thanks, Guardians!"

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xHeavYx1496d ago

Personally I think it's well deserved, great game and a lot of fun

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1496d ago

same cant wait to see the numbers from VGchatz even though i know they wont be accurate but i like seeing them

BootyBandit1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

vgchartz is currently under tracking the PS4 by over 500,000 units. Sony announced over a month ago they broke the 10 million sold mark. The PS4 averages over 150k sold worldwide per week and it was 5 weeks ago Sony hit 10 million. That would put the PS4 around 10.75 and vgc has them listed at 10.19.

So yeah it's a no brainer they will significantly under track them again like they always do.

When these Destiny numbers come in Sony more than likely will sell over 1 million for the month of September. I feel that's a modest estimate.

On topic:
This just shows how jaded the media is with their review scores of this title. I don't know a single gamer that purchased Destiny that has stopped playing it yet. Both of my friends list are nothing but gamers enjoying Destiny.

I played it 6 hours yesterday and I'm jumping online with friends in an hour and plan to stay on until I have to hit the rack.

This is a multiplat title and look at the impact it's having for Sony because of their bundle an exclusive content deal. I can only imagine what will happen when Sony's big guns start hitting retail.

GribbleGrunger1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Naaa, it's undertracked by around 200k - 250k.

BootyBandit1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


If your post was directed at me explain to me how my math of 5 (weeks) x 150k = 400k. 5 x 150k = 750k. It's been over 5 weeks that Sony announced at Gamescom 2014 they hit the 10 million mark. So not only is my math accurate but it's a very modest estimation. I'm thinking their real worldwide totals right now are probably a good deal higher than that.

Edit: I just checked vgchartz site and feel dirty for doing so. I noticed they just raised their PS4 totals from 10.19 million to 10.3. Even still I they are significantly under tracking Sony PS4's by at least 500k units globally.

ABizzel11496d ago

If quality was a reflection of sales, then I think the game is selling more than it deserves. It's a good game, but a lot of things outside of gameplay, need a complete overhaul for the sequel if they plan on aiming for 9s - 10s.

cell9891496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

the game is quality, the net code works very smooth, I havent heard reports of too many glitches, graphics and art direction was done right, shooting mechanics are great. Sure it could use more gun variations, a more fleshed out story and better voice acting, but so far the game has been FUN and addicting, so even with all those flaws people are complaining about they still managed to get to level 20+ lol. Its like they were hating the game but somehow couldnt stop playing it.

I know for a fact when a reviwer hates a game he will barely complete it and some wont even finish it, they just tell you the did. Yet these reviewers managed to get pass level 20 in Destiny, that means they played the crap out of it. Which means they subconsciously were loving it x)

The game isnt perfect thats for sure, I for one wished you could share or trade items with your peeps, or have all game content in-game rather than having to visit their website. Yeah a deeper story would be nice, but luckily that still being expanded.

As it is I bet many of those nay sayers that gave the game a low score are still playing the game haha

ABizzel11496d ago


I agree, I don't think it's a bad game at all and 6 or lower is an unjust score IMO. But it's definitely overhyped, and the game sold millions based on hype alone which is why so much disappointment is being had.

At the end of the day it's the users fault, and why I try never to get overhyped for a new IP, because if you come in with huge expectation you can ruin the game for yourself if it doesn't live up to them even if it turns out to be different, but good.

I personally didn't like the beta at all, but after playing for hours solo I still didn't like it. After playing with a team of friends, it clicked. This game is meant to be played as a 3 man team, and not solo at all and Bungie should either go all out MMO and improve matchmaking for the entire game making it co-op all the way through, or improve the solo experience. Those low scores are generally come form those who played the game solo, and I agree it's not a good game solo, but co-op with friends is much better.

aceitman1496d ago

so the numbers are in between 500-750,000 ps4s sold on the week of the 13th (dec 2013)the week of the 21st they had sold 753,656 (+57%)ps4s and on the 28th they had sold 473,507(-37%) ps4s.

DC7771496d ago

Yep well deserved. Been enjoying it and I'm sure lots got the bundle like I did.

Now to pick up more games for this white beauty.

Kribwalker1496d ago

I'd say it really shows that all those people hating on halo and bungie the last 2 gens have shown all that hate was out of jealousy. To bad destiny is a small fraction of the game that halo is. Looking forward to the master chief collection for the real bungie classics

TheWatercooler1496d ago

Too bad the Xbone hasn't had a big seller yet. No one seems to want to touch it.

MRMagoo1231496d ago

How do you even come to that conclusion ? So I guess the same can be said about insomniac, so xbox fanboys where just jealous of ratchet and clank and resistance all along huh ? No , what it shows is different people like different things, the same as it has always been.

cell9891496d ago

fun is the ultimate goal when it comes to a video game, and Destiny delivers in spades, provided that you play with friends. Crucible can be addicting because of the challenges and the rewards you get from playing control. These rewards can then be used in a raid or strike with your fire team. Its an awesome game regardless if it has little story or variety. All I got to say is play it with your friends, you will not be disappointed.

Adam just said the story will continue to expand with future dlc, that sounds promising.

harrisk9541496d ago

"In fact, last week was our single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013! That’s a lot of PS4s."

Wow... can't wait to see NPD next month! Gonna be a HUGE month for the PS4.

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NewAgeisHere1496d ago

Love my PS4, but Destiny is average at best.

DougLord1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Sony ponies need to stop treating this like a Sony exclusive. If it sells better on PS4, it's because you have no other games to play

Sony sells 10mm consoles and looses $2bbn and is on the verge of having to sell the Playstation brand. MSFT sells 5mm consoles and makes tens of billions every year. Instead of loosing $2bbn, they spend it buying new game developers.

aceitman1496d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Hey dunglord playstation is sonys money maker. It's the phones that made this loss. And Ms did report a loss and has laid off 1,000s of people. Where the he'll where u at when that happened. And what's funny is there loss is from X box division and phones and tablets.

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