Wait a Minute, is Destiny Just an Inferior Version of Diablo III?

Hardcore Gamer: Wait just a second here. Is Destiny just a lesser version of Diablo III?

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ValKilmer2403d ago

And Monster Hunter. And Xenoblade Chronicles X. And Phantasy Star Online. And...

...well I'll just stop now.

joab7772403d ago

No. How the hell is it inferior?
1st of all, comparing a game that has gone through major overhauls to be where it is to a game that launched a week ago, is ago bit unfair.

And yeah, I love diablo 3, and destiny for many of the same reasons. But if u love fps games too, Destiny is f#/#! [email protected] amazing. And it just started.

Give the damn thing a few months, let it evolve. Let Bungie learn and adapt, listen to the community and release some content and patches. It's an mmo for a reason.

And i love diablo, but it has very little actual content, especially at launch. It's about the grind. I actual cruelly believe that Destiny may grow into something quite special.

Chrischi19882403d ago

Its true, D3 was a freakin' mess during release.

sdozzo2403d ago

Loved you in Real Genius.

fr0sty2403d ago

A first person shooter with RPG elements is a lesser version of an isometric action RPG that came out loaded with bugs, DRM, etc?

PONTIAC08G8GT2403d ago

How are these games even relative to each other besides a loot system. One's a FPS, one isn't. I just dont get the comparison between the two games.

Audiggity2403d ago

Wow, this article must have taken some serious yoga, stretching and warming up to reach for clickbait that aggressively. It was actually such a poor attempt at building a case to support the headline, the article was entertaining to read.

You could take almost any game and compare it to some previous game that shared an aspect of it. Label it "inferior". And then write an article about it that is entirely grounded in opinion.

It's silly. For example:

"Skate 3 was an inferior version of Tony Hawk 2"... "because I prefer action based games over simulation games, especially when they focus on middle-aged men"

The first quote was WRONG and the second quote justified it based purely on opinion. Which, the author is entitled to, but it's just plain stupid.

"I feel like I actually learn something each time I play Diablo, as opposed feeling like I’m just doing things in Destiny"

REALLY? Ok, let me know how all of the math skillz from DIII character development translate into your engineering career. Nonsense.

Diablo 3 was offensively boring, even after the expansion and playing through it three times... ugh... I should sue for my time back.

I hope the author enjoys clicking his mouse 1,400 times per minute for nothing, I'll be playing Destiny.

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MillennialBuddha2403d ago

All of the loot. All of the loot!

corroios2403d ago

And the most played game since 9 setember...

Artista 2403d ago

Jeez, let it go already.

Let those that enjoy the game, enjoy it in peace.

BootyBandit2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

It's a great target for hits. That's all the alternative media cares about. They will beat this horse dead, bury it, dig it back up, beat it some more, bury it, dig it up again and rinse and repeat add nausea.

Most of us know why Destiny has become the latest whipping boy and it just shows how meaningless, powerless, jaded and self entitled the mainstream and alternative media truly is. The only people that pay them attention are those that want to use it as fodder to get a rise out of others.

I think 95%, and I'm being overly generous, of the articles written about gaming are nothing but sensationalist click bait fodder written by jaded attention seeking know nothings. The best thing to do is print out articles like this and use it as toilet paper. At least than it would serve a worthwhile purpose. Than again I wouldn't wipe my backside with most of what is written if printed out on paper. I wouldn't even line it in my cat's litter box with it.

And no I'm not being overly harsh. The gaming media, IMHO, is about to implode inward on itself (and well deserved) from them continually biting the hand that feeds them. These outlets have learned nothing from Sessler and Gerstmann.

Audiggity2403d ago


Well said my man.

Aloren2403d ago

Well, it seems like people can't do that this year. Think about those who enjoy Titanfall or Watchdogs and who have had to deal with the same kind of crap for six months.

shivvy242403d ago

Clicks man , they need them clicks

Budobear2403d ago

I don't think so but I think a Destiny skinned Diablo 3 game in the style of a twin stick shooter could work. Just think bigger maps, more enemies, more loot and more customisation.

Rooted_Dust2403d ago

I think it's called Hell Divers.

Budobear2402d ago

Really? Excellent, when is it out?

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