Stunning New Screenshots of Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection site has been updated with new screenshots and it shows why any Halo fan should consider getting the new upcoming remastered collection.

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aviator1891491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Pretty wicked. Not to mention the armors (those reflective visors!) have been massively improved from Halo 4.
I cannot wait to see Coagulation now.

tinynuggins1491d ago

I don't remember being able to shoot the Ice above and have it fall down on people. Is that new? Either way, this looks way better than I was expecting it to. Can't wait.

aviator1891491d ago

Yeah, it's new.
But you can still play on the original version of the map if you want as well.

Ashunderfire861491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

You can do in that big cave level in Halo 2 , where you can shoot the ice with a rocket launcher until the ice fall. I tried telling people this, but they just laugh at me thinking its BS.

Farmassy1491d ago

They are adding some interactive elements to some of the remastered halo 2 maps. On ascension you can press a button from three different locations that adds a force shield in the middle

pretty sweet

darthv721491d ago

I can't help but feel MS should have held off the MC helmet they had for halo 3 collectors edition and used it for this. It seems more fitting.

im getting this game with or without an XB1.

4Sh0w1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Wow the game looks sharp as hell from these upgrades and the backdrops are simply beautiful.


@ darthv72

Well the great thing about the MC helmet was there is enough space to fit another game anyway, you can just add it.

I still have my halo 3 helmet along with my original halo 2 steel book. I am going to stick them all together.

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DanzoSAMA1491d ago

ohhhhh can't wait to playing the best game in the world MCC.. it's gift from God !

poor_cus_of_games1491d ago

It's a ok game. Hardly the best in the world.

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troylazlow1491d ago

I skipped Halo 4, so this is a no brainer buy for me. Looks great and the best part is we already kn ow how it plays! some of the best MP sessions I have ever had was with Halo.

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OverbloodThree1491d ago

This might push me to get an Xbone. A year of content here...

GiggMan1491d ago

Agreed. My son wants one for Christmas and has never played Halo. If it includes local multiplayer which I think it does, this will be sitting beside the PS4.

raymantalk11491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

why not just buy Destiny for your PS4/Xbox1 it is way better than halo in every way disagree all you want but it is a fact and remember BUNGIE made halo and if they say it is better it is better.

TheRedButterfly1490d ago

It does have local play. This includes both campaign coop and multiplayer vs.

@Rayman: Why are you trying to convince GiggMan's son to want something else? As a veteran Halo player and someone who's put 70+ hrs into Destiny, the former is by far the better experience. Both are wonderful, but you can only get both of them on one console. And if Gigg's son wants Halo? Well, then he can get Halo AND Destiny and have the TRUE Bungie experience.

Somnipotent1491d ago

I would totally buy an XB1 for this alone... if only I could use the 360 controllers I'd be set. And if I could convince the wife.


You can use the 360 controllers on it. there is a usb wireless adaptor you can use (forgotten what it's called).

Immorals1491d ago

At first I felt the same about the xb1 controller, now I've got used to it, I prefer it over the 360 one

WilDRangeRfc1490d ago

Trust me X1 controller is the best ever made I have PS4 aswell it's way better than DS4 and 360 controller,I don't get why people say 360 is still the best,X1 is made of a better material so no sweat,triggers and d- pad are 10 x better,no battery sticking out the back,it's slightly smaller and fits into your hand like a glove,and I think the thumbsticks are better but that's the only thing I can see up for debate,trust me it's awesome

Horny1491d ago

Got the white sunset overdrive edition for that game and MCC. Once again have all the systems. Now I just have to wait til the end of October for it to ship.

turdburgler10801490d ago

It's funny how folks gave you 22 disagrees for saying you might get an Xbox one.

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jhoward5851491d ago

WOW, The Master Chief Collection actually looks better than Destiny.

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christocolus1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Now imagine how good Halo5 will look,according to 343i MCC isn't even running on the new xbox one engine they built.

MCC looks amazing but Halo5 will be in a class of its own....maybe till gears of war 4 : )

BinaryMind1491d ago

Almost hoping they delay Halo 5 even longer to give it that extra polish. I won't be done with the MCC by the end of next year anyway.

ABizzel11491d ago

What is your definition of amazing? I think MCC looks good, but not amazing.

Amazing to me are Ryse & Killzone: SF (at it's best looks amazing), Drive Club, The Order, Quantum Break, The Witcher (especially considering scale), Everybody's Gone to Rapture, those are games that look amazing.

Amazing to me is something that without a doubt couldn't be done on last-gen, and doesn't just look like a the game was ported to PC and using High/Ultra settings.

There's nothing wrong with a last-gen game on PC running High/Ultra settings, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Metro, and more on PC are still easily some of the best looking games and still look amazing maxed out, but a 360 / PS3 game being moved over isn't the same quality as those PC games or a real next-gen exclusive.

I'm ready to see Halo 5 as well, and see what it looks like, how they plan on making Halo a 343i game and not Bungie, and what settings they're aiming for.

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VealParmHero1491d ago

I can't wait to see some halo 5 footage. I agree that they should delay if the need be, but I do not think MS would rush it. Surely they could use a halo game asap, but i think MCC fills the void just fine. One thing I will say is MS has always treated Halo and it's devs with respect and given them everything they need, so no reason to believe that the final product won't be polished to the max when it does release.

Also, I am sure that best xbox one graphics this gen are likely to come out of 343i and black tusk working with GoW on unreal engine 4. I would like to see who can make the prettier game.

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ABizzel11491d ago

Neither one are graphical showcases for Next-gen.

Destiny also has bigger maps, more players and AI spread across these maps at a given time, so it's not really an apples to apples comparison although the franchise was created by the same developer.

That being said Halo: MCC looks good, because it has such a clean look to it and the backdrops are gorgeous. The textures aren't top notch, and it could use some AA, but the overall look of the game and contrast of colors makes everything just pop.

slasaru011491d ago

Bigger and still empty does not mean anything. If those bigger maps were fully packed with content, then yes


People seem to forget Destiny is a cross gen game.

To be honest I don't care what bullcrap dev's come out with, I don't think cross gen games are ever going to be the best example of what next gen graphics should be. there are always short falls.

BinaryMind1491d ago

After Destiny became a massive disappointment, I couldn't be happier that I have four Halo games to look forward to playing/replaying.

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BlackTar1871491d ago

Best part is that Destiny and Halo MP is about the same lol.

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CaptainPunch1491d ago

I might need to get an Xbox One to play this collection, looks really good so far.

thezeldadoth1491d ago

i bought one just for this collection. but now that i have one might as well get sunset overdrive and get excited for halo 5

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user3672721491d ago

Jump in, you won't regret it. The system is constantly improving with monthly updates to make it even better. You not only get a great collection of some of the best games ever made in 1080p HD but also an investment for future games as well. Got mine since March and other than the summer drought of games, I am excited for games like MCC, great returning IPs like Forza Horizon, new exciting IPs like Sunset Overdrive and every big AAA games coming in the Fall...this is the perfect time to buy. You might as well wait for the white Sunset Overdrive Bundle next month as it is the the same price as the regular system.

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