Ryse: Son of Rome - PC/Xbox One Differences Unveiled; Higher Quality Textures & Better LOD Levels

As Crytek unveiled, the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome will come with higher levels of LOD setiings, meaning that the transition of LOD will be subtler. In addition, the development team confirmed that there will be higher quality textures and that there will be Softer Shadows with less noticeable LOD transitions.

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tinynuggins1586d ago

Kind of a given no? Game is almost a year old.

fluffydelusions1586d ago

What does the time frame have to do with it? Even if this released at the same time of XB1, game would have looked better on PC.

mikeslemonade1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Just got it for $17.99 used at gamefly along with Dead Rising 3 $17.99 used. Both for X1.

Kayant1586d ago

You mean potential access to more powerful hardware since PC means an open hardware platform allowing for higher quality all around.

tinynuggins1586d ago

Correct. PC graphics evolve on and about a yearly basis. Consoles are static for the most part but I also believe that this game would have benefited from an extra year of development time and ended up looking even better than it did when it launched almost a year ago.

BootyBandit1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

No offense but it's obvious you don't have much of a background in PC gaming. I just got done playing FH2 on the X1 for the past couple hours and I had a great time doing so. But I have racing games on my PC that were also made for the PS3 and 360 (couple years old) that look better on my PC than FH2 does on the X1. Significantly better.

If FH2 was made for the PC it would be staggering. It would most likely look in game like it does during it's presentation or like cars look in F5's vista mode.

Personally I spend more time playing console games than I do my PC but they are 2 completely different animals. Cryteks Crysis 3 is one of the biggest benchmark games for the PC community. So I would expect Ryse to possibly be another benchmark title.

Angerfist1586d ago

Yeah sure. Don't come at me with Grid Autosport or something. And no, iracing or assetto corsa have also not the best graphics. Forza 5 destroys them.
Can't fool someone who plays racers all the time.

voodoochild3461586d ago

Lol. The jaggiefest that is Forza 5 complete with cardboard cut-out crowds? You must be having a laugh...

qwerty6761586d ago

what about better gameplay?

tinynuggins1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

It's a hack and slash. Great for what it was. Play it on difficult and it feels VERY different. Much more skill required with regards to timing. I loved the game, hopefully they make a sequel and expand on the idea even more.

ninjahunter1586d ago

The potential of 60fps and and input form you desire (mouse/gamepad/motion if your ambitious) do widen the options to make the game more enjoyable to play.

starchild1586d ago

They aren't going to totally rebuild the game.

The gameplay is decently good. Nowhere near as bad as some people paint it. Admittedly I've only played a bit of it, but it looked amazing and the story and gameplay was fairly good.

I'll be getting the PC version when it releases. It will definitely be a benchmark title for the PC. Crysis 3 currently holds the crown, but Ryse has even more advanced graphics in some areas so at maxed out settings it should be the game to beat.

Fireseed1586d ago

The comment no one asked for.

Kurisu1586d ago

The reply to the comment that no one asked for.

Antifan1586d ago


The reply to the reply to the comment that no one asked for.

No disrespect, but I just had to say it 😆

ABizzel11586d ago

Actually a lot of people asked for it, especially those in the moding community. It's a great graphics game, and could be another benchmark test for GPUs since there really isn't a Hack'n'slash pushing GPUs on PC.

AndrewLB1586d ago

Considering every "next-gen" game is being developed on PC hardware running a virtualized ps4/xbone environment and development tools, there really isn't much "porting" going on. Remember all those games that got downgraded? The earlier, better looking builds shown off at shows like E3 were all running on PC hardware dev-kits. How else could early alpha builds look so good and run so smooth at the same time?

CaptDnaDonut1586d ago

In the article it says the cut scenes are pre-rendered but the cut scenes in Ryse Son of Rome on the Xbox One were pre-recorded, placed on the disc, and then played back when needed as a way to mask loading times. Plenty of companies do this.

starchild1586d ago

This just means that they aren't rendered by the hardware locally in real-time. They were still made in-engine. They are simply pre-recorded and played back as video in order to help mask load times. The cutscenes in Ryse work no differently than in games like Uncharted 2, for example.

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