DriveClub Snow Effects Are Simply Amazing, Snow Will Be Dynamically Lit Due To Headlights

DriveClub is shaping up to be a solid new franchise for Sony and PlayStation 4. The game features breathtaking visuals and scenery, and one could easily term it as one of the best looking racing games of all time.

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rarity1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Off topic:Does anyone have any weather pictures of driveclub?snow,rain,ect. (hi-res please)

BootyBandit1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Thanks for the link.
Now these visuals are staggering!
This is what next gen should look like.

If this game plays as good as it looks? WOW! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I just hope I can score a T300 wheel in time.

MasterCornholio1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )





A Ri Ga To U



P.S I'm learning Japanese and thanks for teaching me a new word.

choujij1493d ago

I get giddy every time I see it's visuals. XD Can't wait.

chrismichaels041493d ago

The more I hear about this game....the more excited I am to play it for myself. Drive Club is definitely looking like a solid addition to the deep Playstation exclusive library.

MRMagoo1231493d ago

This is what you can make a driving game look like if you arent making it for older platforms, if this game doesnt get 10 for visuals then something is wrong.

CuddlyREDRUM1493d ago

Those look great, and are great quality.

FATAL1TY1493d ago

True Next Gen graphics. Only on PS4

CrazedFiend1493d ago

Is the snow cosmetic? I wonder if it'll make the course slipperier. Cars didn't seem to be having that much trouble, but then again I've never raced high performance cars in the snow before.

pinkcrocodile751493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

The graphics are stunning.


I didn't buy a PS4 to just have pretty graphics. I bought it on the promise of excellent gameplay.

The one things I've not seen on this site is decent commentary on the gameplay and features.

All I know is that it looks awesome (which is does) and have weather symulation which is just... OK.

What I have read "cream of F** All" about, is how the game plays, how the features work, what will be available and more importantly EXACTLY what social aspects will be running at launch.

Having jaw dropping graphics is great but I don't play graphics I play the game.

I REALLY want the gameplay to be awesome I don't want the game to be like a Catwalk Model... You know "Right goreous but nothing going on upstairs".

Luckily I'll have FH2 on X1 incase DC turns out to be a pollished turd.. I hope it isn't, but as me Mam says "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst"

inveni01493d ago

A couple weeks ago, I pulled out the old PC version of Need for Speed High Stakes.

I can't believe how far we've come.

SonyWarrior1493d ago

I cant wait for driveclub. I just hope sony anticipates the server load so there wont be any delays in me downloading it first thing.

frostypants1493d ago

Thanks for saving me time from giving FailingBolt undeserved traffic.

angelsx1493d ago

On screenshots looks incredible.What about in motion?30fps?don't think so

raymantalk11492d ago


ive played FH2 and it is not that good in gfx or gameplay so if you are impressed with that you will be blown away by DC trust me.

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mafiahajeri1493d ago

how the hell is that off topic? its exactly on topic!

marinelife91493d ago

I can't imagine how good motorstorm would look if they use the same engine.

ThatOneGuyThere1492d ago

i reallly, REALLY wish they would make a new motorstorm...exactly like the first one. but with faster load times and PS4 level graphics

otherZinc1493d ago

Weather isn't launching with the game!!!

MRMagoo1231493d ago

it never was !!! it has always been known to be getting patched in.

Bennibop1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

It's been confirmed its on the day 1 patch.

garos821493d ago

@bennibop seriously?

thats awesome if true. I was under the impression it would have been late November early December where they would patch in weather.

Im really looking forward to screwing about with photo mode in harsh rainy/snowy conditions

LamerTamer1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


No it is not great it is terrible. If they already have it done (which they must if it is day one) Why don't they put it on the fvk!ng disc!!! Why do they require you to run to the internet to patch an incomplete game? It makes no sense. This means everytime you may want to reinstall after deleting for disc space etc you need to keep re-downloading patches, and eventually when they take the patch down you get an unfinished game forever. All of these required patches is quite annoying this gen. Also there are still some without internet, so they don't deserve a complete game?

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AndrewLB1493d ago

This effect is nothing new. Go look at the PC version of Watch Dogs and individual rain drops are illuminated by headlights, street lights, and explosions.

nosferatuzodd1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

dude i so envy you right now i speak Japanese but i cant read it yet im learning, i know ny way of learning is unorthodox lol

TheRedButterfly1492d ago

Good god this game is gorgeous! I'd prefer the open work do of Horizon if I were getting either, but there's no denying that this takes the cake in the graphical department! :)

spicelicka1492d ago

The graphics of this game are just blowing me away

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faysal1493d ago

this is crazy! I NEED THIS NOW.

jhoward5851493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

The snow effects looks amazing in DC. But I need to see it up close because I didn't see any build up of snow on the car during the race.

SCW19821493d ago

Not sure there would be build up racing around 85 mph.

JasonBloodbourne1493d ago

You obviously never played rallisport 2 on original xbox. That had snow build up on the cars so I reckon this'll have it too.

lifeisgamesok1493d ago

This game looks good but is very plain

Majin-vegeta1493d ago ShowReplies(2)
reko1493d ago ShowReplies(2)
xHeavYx1493d ago

What a coincidence that you don't like any of the PlayStation games, but you love all the Xbox games /s

Funky Town_TX1493d ago

It does look plain in these shots. Maybe it's my laptop?

Skylar1492d ago Show
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Walker1493d ago

Looks fantastic . snow effects are incredible and the best i've ever seen in a video game :o

skulz71493d ago

Wow thats crazy!

You can really call that next-gen!

viperman2401493d ago

One thing I did notice after watching the video and the gifs you linked. Your car seems to be the only one lighting up the snow flakes.

When the rain/snow update finally comes out I hope that's not the case.

But none the less, this is the best snow I have ever seen in a game, better than Resistance 1 snow and Uncharted 2.

Gran Touring1493d ago

Nope, look at the end of the Milan presentation here, around 12:30:

you can see when he snaps to photo mode, the headlights from the car behind illuminate the snow too.

viperman2401493d ago

Nice catch, but thats during photomode.

I'm talking about during gameplay, for example look at 12:12 as he passes the car. We see all the lit up snow, but the person he's driving by doesn't. That really stood out to me, and also he has no headlights shining down the road, but once the car got behind the player it was reflecting the back of the car, that felt kinda disjointed.

I'm just hoping its a work in progress.

On my previous post, can the people disagreeing with me tell me why you are disagreeing?

voicingofreason1493d ago

Can you honestly tell me when you are racing along. that you are going to notice if other cars are lighting up the snow. Personally I'm going to be more worried about what my headlights are lighting up. That way I hopefully avoid any colisions!

nix1493d ago

viper.. i noticed that the car before doesn't have it but as he's showing the photomode you can see specs of snow on the right side of the screen lit possibly by the headlight of the car behind it.

viperman2401493d ago


Well the fact I noticed it right away is already telling. So in essence what your telling me is that I can't have a honest criticism about the game? I'm just supposed to gloss over any wrong doings and lap it up and just hop on the hype train?

I know looking at lights isn't the main focus of racing, but when your car is the only car actually giving off a light from the headlights it becomes disjointed, very similar to GT 5 and 6. I disliked it when GT did it and I'm going to dislike it here.

Your honestly telling me you would be fine to see this in Driveclub?


I don't really get what your trying to say. I know that you can see the snow lit up by other cars in photomode but not during the race, thats the point I'm trying to make. Can you please elaborate on what you mean?

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Forn1493d ago

Those reflections off the wet street... Goodness! So good.