RUMOR: Industry Rumblings Regarding Resident Evil 5 And Timed Exclusivity

Sev1512 of writes:

"Please take this as a rumor as that's all it is at this point. No solid information on the subject yet.

From what I have been told, Microsoft is looking to pay Capcom an undisclosed amount, for timed exclusivity of Resident Evil 5. It is still not known if Capcom has accepted the offer… The information we got, was only that Microsoft has made the offer.

If this is going to be announced it will be @ E3. Similar to the GTAIV "showing of the tattoo" a couple of years ago.

It this is true, all of you petition fanatics out there better get to work.

Remember this is just a rumor, and nothing is known for sure at this time."

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TheHater3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

This is going to drive chaos into the hearts of all the forum on the internett. If this is true, we have a war coming between the Playstation fanboy, and xbox 360 fanboy.
Capcom is already on bad terms with the Sony camp, and this will make this worse if it is true.

@Time Lord
We don't know if it going to happen or not. But if it do, the HATE from Sony Fans directed at Capcom will be unimaginable

Statix3827d ago

Why is it that whenever I read about exclusivity or timed exclusivity of some game, it's always about the XB360, and never for the PS3? I don't get this.

CrazzyMan3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

and they ask why people HATE Microsoft...

pharmd3827d ago

good work sev....

theres two things im hating about this gen so far...

a. microsoft trying to buy everything they can to win (which shouldnt be necessary if you have good product)
b. sony letting everything slip away because of inactivity (which is poor business, sleeping while the competition is working)

i just dont get it anymore

JsonHenry3827d ago

Who cares? All that means is that when it DOES come out for the PS3 it will have extra content and extra development time just like all the timed exclusives in the past with RE5.

If I only owned a PS3 I would be sad that I would be getting the game at a later date, but with the knowledge there will be extra content and more time spent tweaking the game then that more than makes up for it.

sticky doja3827d ago

At least if you own a 360 you know you will be getting alot of games before you can get them on other systems. I know it sucks if you only own a PS3 but if you own both then it doesn't hurt you either way.

I kind of like timed exlusivity because it means that the developers can focus on one system and get it out sooner on that one system then having to try to get both versions ready at the same time.

The Wood3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

but you must always do your best to play your own game and not be overly focused on the game of your opponents. People thought sony slipped with GTA but the bigger picture, which may stun a few, has yet to be seen. If this is not the way sony want to fight this way then fair enough but getting into bidding wars when you have your own first/second party devs to look after is counter productive. MS are allowed to splash the cash if they want because they dont have the strength and depth of sony's dev teams. MS have however brought some spice into this battle and are trying what they can to win. There are different ways of winning things and MS may feel this is one of their best shots


paying a team to develop a game and paying for exclusivity when the game is near complete are two different kettles of fish. FF and tekken are the two that spring to mind but whether sony paid them or the devs just showed loyalty is debatable. Maybe we'll never know

plenty a tool3827d ago

in devil may cry and lost planet. with the popularity of a resi game, and a nice little pay-off from microsoft, they could make a killing! this could be another coup for microsoft.

crazzyman: would you be saying that if sony had made a payment offer to capcom??? i bet you wouldn't! and i bet that you would singing sonys praises for it.

fermcr3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

EXCUSE ME SONY FANBABIES... Sony does the same thing for their exclusives. Are you guys that ignorant? They just don't brag about it, but they do the same thing.

Witch company would do a game exclusively for one console if they don't receive anything in return. Everybody knows that multiplatform games sell more then exclusives to one console. DUHHHHHH

Does HAZE ring a bell... among others.

I am not protecting Microsoft, just pointing out that console fanbabies are "blind".

littletad3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Whenever Microsoft acquires an exclusive, be it timed or not, it is usually good, compared to Sony's. Got to admit, they've been pretty good so far in that regard.

MGS4 is the first great exclusive of course.

Jack Meahoffer3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

What about Nintendo buying timed exclusivity to the RE series last generation?

I guess if you see everything as black and white, good and evil then its easy to point the finger and cry.

Its part of the business. Trying to vilify one company over the other is childish.

Far as I'm concerned its the cost of doing business. If you're platform doesn't like it then place a higher bid. Theres no such thing as "fair" in business. Unless you want the corrupt lumbering governments of the world to step in and regulate this then there really is no need to whine.

If there is anything I've learned in my life its that life isn't fair. Nothing is fair.

This is once again another reason owning all three consoles is the best route for gamers focused on playing games rather than rooting for a corporation.

juuken3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

This better not be true. I was looking forward to this game.
@CrazzyMan, EXACTLY. You hit the head on the nail.

monkey6023827d ago

If this is true I'll go crazy! Unfortunately I could see Capcom taking an offer like this. The dont seem to do full exclusivity but Timed maybe. I have an Xbox as well as PS3 but I just wanted this one on my PS3 where I would have felt more at home with the game.
Worst comes to worse I could always get it for my 360 because being the impatient git I am I will not wait. I bought a Gamecube for Resi 4, Resi 0, And Resi 1 remake. It'll suck not to have the choice on day one though

PureGamer3827d ago

Its only a rumor. Even if it is true im getting an elite tomorrow so i wont be missing out :D

3827d ago
gaffyh3827d ago

Sony studios is making the Resident Evil CGI movie though, so it's kinda stupid if Capcom accepts this offer. I hope that Capcom doesn't, but I can really see this happening, cos lets face it, Gears of War 2 is not enough to push the 360 this year (yes I know fable 2 and too human are coming out).

harrisk9543827d ago

While it would be heartbreaking to PS3 owners if true, right now, it appears that it simply is not. I understand that everything in the corporate world is subject to change, but I looked at the E3 press releases and on Capcom's own website, and RE5 is listed for the PS3 and 360!

Here's the link to the Capcom site... just look on the left side of page under "Upcoming Releases": Resident Evil® 5 (PS3, Xb360)

Mr_Showtime13827d ago

Just pointing that out...Not that I really care, Why? Because I bought both consoles!

Organic_Chemistry3827d ago

MS can buy out the time it takes for my RE5 to come out, but you'll never be able to buy out my love for the game...sob sob

Dannagar3827d ago

[email protected] Correction, that's why Sony Fanboys hate Microsoft. However, it's good for Microsoft and Xbox 360. It doesn't matter what system it's on, I'm a Capcom fan. I follow the games, not the system.

Lifendz3827d ago

but if that's what MS has to do then that's what they have to do. They're not afraid to throw money around (except when it comes to building a quality system) so let them pay millions to have this game be exclusive for a few months. Not like they'll be a shortage of games on PS3 by then. I'm not trying to downplay this either. It would suck. But what can ya do? Sony won't pay for exclusivity and MS will. Money talks and....well you know the rest.

Metal Gear Solid3826d ago


Sony started the practice of paying for exclusives back in 1996 for Tomb Raider 2, after the first was a success. Sony have been doing this for 12 years and now it's coming back to bite them in the ass.

MikeGdaGod3826d ago

doesn't really matter to me either way. i'm not big on the whole horror thing anyway and i've played 2 resident evil games but i don't think i finished either.

don't like horror movies or games. just not my thing. sucks for the fans.

Dannagar3826d ago

@Metal Gear Solid

Well said. I was a Sega Saturn user back in the day. After playing the first Tomb Raider, I was excited about the second Tomb Raider. God I was upset when I found out that Sony Paid Eidos for exclusivity on Playstation. Actually Sony paid for many exclusives. Mortal Kombat 3 was another big exclusive that Sony paid for at the time. Crash Bandicoot started off as a multi-platform game until Sony paid for exclusivity.

Microsoft is just playing the game that Sony started.

jadenkorri3826d ago

most retarded thing to say, of course its good when it comes out timed exclusively to the 360, and 1 year later on the ps3, all the advertisements shows it for 360 and after 1 year later, the graphics on the game are 1 year old and the game itself has to look like the retarded 360 version, on top of that no advertisement for the ps3 version happen 1 year later, never seen one...

Devs are just wasting their time on timed exclusives... I can't wait to see Ace Combat 6 on ps3, i guarantee it will bomb, especially if Tom Clancy's Hawx comes out before... If RE5 goes timed, i will never ever buy a f^$king 360, im planning on it for Fable 2....but i guess im gonna wait and see whether i get a 360 or not with re5... If MS "is" doing so good, then they shouldn't have to buy exclusive games, i guess sonys 12 millions users are catching up to MS and has them worried with their so called 1 year lead with 19 million users...

CrazzyMan3826d ago

NOT all PS3 owners are PS3 fanboys. So, why not fanboys must suffer then?

Metal Gear Solid, yeah, BUT both PSone and PS2 sold over >>>110 mln.<<<, So in this case >>>90%<<< of gamers were HAPPY.
All what M$ is doing now, is just hurting GAMING, since x360 already LOST this console war. It`s pointless to bribe now.

And about GTA3, that game sold around 15 mln. on PS2, looks like it was WORTH, since 90% of gamers were SAISFIED.
What is M$ is doing with it`s TINY userbase, is making only more HATE on x360.

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Lucas223827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

thats one thing i like about microsoft, they use their money to get exculsive games and timed exculsives. Sony does nothing to get the best games to their system. Why cant it never be that sony makes a deal to get a timed excuslive or exculsive game

NO_PUDding3827d ago

I don't think it's fair to judge eitehr way yet, sicne this is a rumour, but Sony don't pay becuase Resident Evil, Metal GEar and GTA, were all great, but they are from the past. I think Sony is more interested in bringing fresh talent to the table. Soemthign innovative.

Not something that is selling becuase of fans, name or both.

MGS4 is great, and it does a lot differently, and it's the best game I have played this generation including Bioshock. But it's still a sequel, and they didn't want to stray too far MGS norm, becuase it would lose it's personality.

Sony want new personalitys, Microsoft are just feeding you fodder to entice the PlayStation fanbase.

It's not liek Sony doesn't want Resident Evil5 or GTA 4/5 exclsuive. But it won't pay for things stuck in the past.

season0073827d ago

Of course you like microsoft throwing out money just to get timed exclusive or exclusive contents on its console...but hey, where do you think they make those money from?

Yes, its you, and its countless amount of consumer who pays extra for something doesn't you would rather pay $50bucks for live, 399 for a 70% chance WILL-BREAK console, and then later you will get the game first because the other console's title is delayed..LOOK

NOT that your would get it earlier, its just someone else are getting it LATER....logically i couldn't see anyone liking these deals because obviously, it hurts but no one gains...and maybe, only fanboys appreciate business tactics like this

rogimusprime3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

"sony does nothing to bring new games to the platform" (paraphrased)

Don't forget that it was sony that gave capcom the platform to LAUNCH DOZENS of triple A titles for the playstation brand that made them popular in the first place.

Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis......just to name a few.

I'm not going to get all sloppy and teary eyed over a rumour, except to say that capcom should have learned its lesson from putting RE4 on the GAMECUBE first. Where is gamecube now?

True, when RE4 came out on PS2 it was a good game, but they left money on the table. They did the same thing with Code Veronica on the Dreamcast.

Capcom, if you sell out again....I just wont buy it. Simple as a rental.

kazuma3827d ago

well code veronica had to go somewhere, ps1 was showing its age, and the dreamcast came out 2 years before the ps2, capcom wanted to keep flushing out resident evil's and the ps2 just wasn't there yet.

as for re4...well the re remake did meet critical acclaim, nintendo then just "convinced" capcom the gamecube was the better home for a while.

now this generation...capcom is really whoring herself to the highest bidder

rogimusprime3827d ago

but dreamcast was released 9/9/99. PS2 was released 6 months later in Japan.

but like I said. Point taken.

Capcom is a whore.

kazuma3827d ago

well, it did come out in 9/9/99 but that was in the usa, the dreamcast launched in japan november 27 of 1998

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predator3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

one hell of a coup if true...this will anger some people but as the article says its only a rumour so don't be getting you're knickers in a twist lol

but saying that....didn't capcom just announce a major announcement regarding Resi 5 at E3? could this be it?

TheHater3827d ago

now that you mention that. I think it might concern this.

Silverwolf3827d ago

I would be pissed but with all the good sh!t coming out this year for the PS3, it really doesn't bother me. Besides it'll kind of help, I only got soo much money you know.... and there's alreay to much on my "must buy" list.

niall773827d ago

But you know capcom would do it

Condoleezza Rice3827d ago

Let's see how Capcom handle this offering.

Atomic3827d ago

i think another 50 million dollar check from MS is persuasive enough.

zypher3827d ago

this could be one of those software related announcements Microsoft is primed to make at E3. still, one has to wonder just why Sony doesn't pay for exclusives, especially since it's lost so many as it is? right now with the exception of MGS4, the only reason there is to own a PS3 is first-party exclusives, and those are spaced way too far apart. all third-party games are either exclusive to the 360 (how the HECK did Sony lose Star Ocean 4?), timed exclusive to the 360, or have exclusive Live-centric features that make buying them for the 360 much more tantilizing. it would really suck if Res Evil 5 is timed-exclusive to the 360. i really want this for my PS3 for Dualshock 3. but if the PS3 is not seeing it day and date then it'll be the 360 version for me.

Harry1903827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

They don't necessarily go out and tell it to the world.
FF13 for example, they won't tell, but Sony will never let that go anywhere now that they have a firm grip on it. (The proper FF's,not FF11 and Sub-Par Wiiware titles. I feel they can do much beter. Mind you though,Revenant Wings and crystal Chronicles are both great)

Side note:I also noticed that most people who talk about Star Ocean now,never played it before.

Drekken3827d ago

Only reason is first party exclusives???

I stopped there and wonder how you have so many bubbles.

BrotherNick3827d ago

That's probably because he uses rational thought after the point that you stopped reading.